Coccolino Fabric Softner

Aria di Primavera 22 Washes 2L

Brand: coccolino

SKU: 8000660300078

€3.74 €1.89 (€4.73/L) €1.85

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With the new Coccolino you will have the softness and fragrance of your Coccolino, in a convenient size and with less plastic! 100% more fragrance in every drop! ** ** Compared to Diluted Cuddling Instructions for use Pour the contents of Coccolino € co-pack into the 750ml Coffe concentrate bottle empty and use the product as usual. Do not pour into a different bottle. Alternatively you can use Coccolino € co-pack by dosing the product directly in the cap without transferring. In the washing machine: 25ml / 4-5kg 35ml⁺ / 4-5kg 55ml / 6-7kg Hand: 18ml / 10L ⁺35ml: Extra fragrance and softness Concentrated Softener Cuddle Contains: 5-15%: Cationic surfactants <5%: Perfume, Limonene, Benzisothiazolinone Contains 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 (2h) -one. May Provoke an Allergic Reaction.

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