Winter's Coming


Winter's coming and with it all the dry skin that arises from the lack of Vitamin D which we receive in abundance from the sun whilst sunbathing in Summer. Our skin cracks and may even tear between our toes for example! Maltese people are Mediterranean people who are naturally made to face the harsh Mediterranean Summer heat. Since we have more than eight months of Pleasant weather our habitats do not cater for the four months of cold. At best the rudimentary heating in our homes caters for even more humidity in our homes. Large glass windows exposed without shutters also allow the cold to penetrate and do nothing to keep the heat inside. In short, winter's on this beautiful island is for hibernating, we provide the service of delivering right to your door. So if it's cozy inside, you don't have to leave the house. Order from our website and/or Malta's first Dedicated Mobile Shopping App and we will bring all your products right to your door. Not just that, no! You will also be saving on each and every product you love! That's right, we may be as much as €5.00 cheaper than our competitor here online locally even when considering as little as 6 random popular branded items! That summer holiday is easily saved by putting aside savings from purchasing from Go ahead check us out and compare us. We've done it for you, just click here! In this 10 Items Challenge, our customers here in Malta are able to see how with just 10 random popular toiletries & detergents, we are cheaper than the competition! 

Body lotion's maltaDove body lotion malta

Technically you've got to do the spreading and the covering yourselves. Here at we do our best to offer you the widest selection of lotions for your body, hands and/or face at the best prices possible, to help you save for that something special this winter! We help you save to for example have that little extra cash to splurge next Summer here in Malta, when the beautiful Maltese Weather returns! 

Nivea in shower body lotionsNivea in shower body lotions for men

The latest Products to reach our Maltese shores from Nivea for example are these Nivea IN-SHOWER BODY LOTIONS. Click here to go to their product page. Contrary to popular belief, these are not shower gels. After you have completed your shower, still wet, this body lotion is applied and as you exit the shower it penetrates your skin. Towelling yourself dry without any residue from the body lotion. These body lotions were launched this summer here in Malta, however they will also act as a great first barrier shield and a great practise to continue applying to fight this coming Maltese winter!

We obviously also have all the other Nivea Body lotions that are great to fight the oncoming dry skin of this winter! 

Nivea Express Hydration Body LotionNivea Rescue & Care body lotionNivea Body lotion SensitiveNivea express Hydration body lotionNivea Pure & Natural Body Lotion

Aside from these and others from Nivea we also have a range of Dove Body Lotions and Vaseline Body Lotions. Together these three brands occupy the lion's share of the market here in Malta when talking about the Body lotions section. 

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