Winja Repot: Lenor in Malta


Welcome to the Winja Report. This edition focuses on Lenor. A common household favourite, Lenor is one of Malta's most used fabric softeners. For this reason one might want to know exactly what's going on with all the prices on the market in Malta.

(Please note all these prices were correct upon date of publishing 09-02-18, all subsequent price changes both up and down for anyone that might be mentioned in this article is valid at time of writing. This article serves as a guide and is not something set in stone, nor is it the intention to upset or undermine any proprietors. The screenshots grabbed have been so in the public domain and are kept in the public domain). 

Example number 1

Price indicated number one is for a bottle of Lenor Ultra Ruby & Jasmine 1.05L , 42 Washes = €2.49

Lenor at malta warehouse

Example number 2

Price indicated number two shows various bottles of Lenor Ultra 1.05L , 42 Washes. Pure , Ruby & Jasmine and Ruigada Matutina. The offer price guided by this company is = €1.99.

Supermarket malta warehouse lenor

Example number 3

Price indicated number three shows two options of Lenor Ultra 1.05L , 42 Washes. However one bottle of lenor is Out of Stock and the other is Low on Stock. The Lenor Softener Lavanda which is one of the favourites (out of personal experience here at Malta Warehouse) and Gelsomino Scarlato (Ruby & Jasmine for non Italian speakers and equal lovers of Lenor Fabric Softener). The offer price guided by this company is = €2.10.

Lenor Malta Warehouse

Example number 4

Price indicated number four shows various bottles of Lenor. Out of the three options it is the Lenor Ultra 1.05L , 42 Washes Ruby & Jasmine which matches the particular Winja Market Report of Lenor. The offer price guided by this company is = €2.39.

Malta warehouse lenor

Example number 5 - Malta Warehouse

The winner of this Winja Report, (to little surprise) is Malta Warehouse! Our Lenor Ultra 1.05L , 42 Washes Fabric Softener is all priced at a low price of €1.92c
Malta warehouse online supermarket

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