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 Welcome to our Product Comparison page called "Winja Compare Page!"

Here at we have Winja's all over Malta. Winja's are Malta Warehouse Ninjas, sort of secret agents who creep into other stores and snap at expensive prices so that we can show our customers that we truly are the cheapest in Malta! We don't just want people to think we have the best prices but we do our best to prove it! 

A picture is worth a thousand words they say, so here you go! ;)



Winja Submission: Thanks for sending this in via private message on our Facebook Page: "Malta Warehouse". 

As you can see, with the Cillit Bang Power Cleaner Orange Trigger 750ml we are €0.43c Cheaper! Just click here on our online supermarket page to purchase or View the other great products we have here at Malta Warehouse to offer our clients in Malta. 


Cillit Bang MaltaCillit bang malta 


Colgate Toothpaste 100ml


Another Wonderful submission by one of our confidential Winja's! A snapshot of a popular Supermarket found in Malta. 

Wijna's Verdict? €0.80c Cheaper than our competitor!

This product is basically 2 + 1 Free with the money saved here at!

Why Spend more money for the same Identical item here in Malta!

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Ariel Pods 3in1 Laundry Detergent


Ariel 3in1 pods 38 WashesAriel detergent 3in1 podsAriel Detergent Malta


Ariel Laundry Detergent photo submission by one of our dedicated Winjas*

Clearly visible in the photos above are Ariel Pods 3in1 Laundry Detergent 38 Washes Colour & Style for sale in one of Malta's leading Supermarkets. The next photo is of our Identical Ariel 3in1 Pods Colour & Style Laundry Detergent for sale to our customers in Malta. 

So if you live in Malta and want to save the most money possible, then would be the place for you. 

Wijna's Verdict? €2.29 Cheaper than our competitor! 

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*You know who you are ;)

Dove 250ml Deodorant 

Dove MaltaDove Deodorant MaltaDove Deodorant Malta

Our band of Winja's have sent us another product to slash here in Malta! As you can see our price here at Malta Warehouse is  €0.82c Cheaper than on the shelves at a local New Supermarket. To purchase these dove deodorants here in Malta and save more than anywhere else on the Island, just click here! We've got many products at the best prices! 

 Brut Deodorant 

Brut Deodorant MaltaBrut Deodorant MaltaBrut Deoderant Malta











Our Team of Winja's have been out and about and submitted this photo to us of Brut Deodorant commonly available at a large Supermarket here in Malta. As you can see we are more than €1.00 Cheaper than our Competitors here in Malta! In other words if you were to go to a supermarket here in Malta and buy x 2 of these Brut Deodorants, then you'd spend € 6.80c. Here at Malta Warehouse if you were to add just €0.34c then you'd get x 3 Brut Deodorants! Click here to see the whole range of Brut products we have to offer our clients in Malta!  


Gillette Blue II Plus x5

Competitor's Gillette Blades PriceOur Gillette Blue II Blades PriceWinja's Verdict

A Submission from one of our Winja's around Malta! As you can see the Gillette Blue II Plus x5 Blades as seen in a regular shop here in Malta to be purchased at €3.10c vs the exact same product from our website selling at €1.99c! Our clients here in Malta save €1.11c with just this product!

O.B. Tampons

O.b. Tampons 

Another submission from a Winja within our Dojo! We at Maltawarehouse are 53c Cheaper than our competitors!


Dove Liquid Hand Wash

dove hand pump cheaper 

Our Winja's never sleep! Spotted, Dove liquid hand wash €1.16c cheaper than our competitors. The next one you purchase is basically free if you purchase from us! Click here



Ajax floor malta

Submitted by one of our Winja's on the 29-09-15. As you can see our Ajax 1000ml Floor cleaner is €1.09c Cheaper than our competitors. Click here to buy!





 Dove comparison

Submitted by our Winja on the 28-09-15. Here we may clearly see that was/is & still may be €0.84c Cheaper than a large "cheap" competitor. Click here to buy!


Submitted by our Winja on the 28-09-15. Another great product brought to you cheaper than our competitors! Thanks to our Winja we can show our clients that we are €0.16c cheaper, brought to you from the comfort of your own home & Delivered straight to your house!


Become a Winja!

Winja the ninja!

All our clients here at have the ability to become a Winja! Just send us photo's of products and/prices of things for us to slash! Then we will do the rest. Frequent Winja's of ours get a special code which is inserted in the "Additional Information" section upon checking out. With this code, our Winja's enjoy the access to test products and samples of new items for feedback before we release them to the general public here in Malta. Got a Smartphone? Got a Facebook account? Then it's Easy! Just Like our Facebook page here and send us private messages with the photos!  


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