Gillette, the best a man can get.


The latest trend in Malta is to visit Barber shops for facial grooming. This varies from mustache architecture to beard shaping and good old fashioned hair cuts which are now trendier than ever. The Straight edged razor blade however has seen less of a rise in these new hip Barbershops as other activities. This is due to the fact that Gillette, is the best you can get. Joking apart, there are a number of reasons why the straight razor is not in use anymore and why less and less barbers are offering this traditional technique and service to its customers.

Firstly it will always be a hygiene issue. The re-use of the Straight razor on hundreds of men per day has lost its appeal with modern day men. Solution? Simple to use a disposable razor blade some people would think right? However people nowadays have for the large part invested in the purchasing of a sophisticated Gillette Mach 3, Fusion or Flexball razors comprising of multiple chromium edged advanced blades. Why would you get in the hot seat head back and see your groomer with a silly flimsy yellow bic cheap disposable thingy in his hands? It just goes against every grain of your stubble. 

Even though the straight edged razor or "cut throat" blade has charm and allure with the barber literally having your life in his hands as he skillfully glides along the contours of your face. Fear of contracting blood related diseases factors in very highly with modern day health departments. Traditional blades must be hygienically sterilized in autoclaves for a minimum of 20 minutes after every use. This makes it even more impractical in our nowadays fast paced world. 

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So Modern man favoured the supermarket for his Male grooming tools. We at Malta Warehouse are here to tell you to keep a Salvadore eye on where you purchase your grooming tools of choice! Be them Gillette or otherwise! These products vary from supermarket to supermarket and we've made a small comparison to show our great customers that by being a #Winja many Euros may be saved, purchasing from our online supermarket instead of others available online in Malta. 

We Start off the comparison with a packet of Gillette Blue II Disposable Shaving Blades x10.

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As you can see from the screenshots taken, we at Malta Warehouse offer this particular Gillette Product in our online Supermarket at  €2.12c Cheaper than the most expensive Online Supermarket found in Malta. Also we are €1.55c Cheaper than the other priced supermarkets comparable online in Malta.

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Similarly when choosing one of the better brands, the Gillette Fusion Shaving Gel 200ml for example. Compared to the most expensive found online by one of our Winja's who kindly sent all these images in anonymously, our price is €1.67c Cheaper! When compared to the cheapest found online in Malta, we at Malta Warehouse were still a very respectful €1.17c Cheaper!

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Purchasing your Gillette Fusion Refills x4 are quite an investment to make. Not everyone is happy shelling out so much in one go, this makes it especially important that you don't spend a cent more that is needed on these items when shopping at your supermarket in Malta. We at Malta Warehouse offer these Gillette Fusion Refills x4 at €2.12c Cheaper! Than the most expensive comparable website found online in Malta.


Most of our customers became loyal clients of ours after they became aware of the gap in price that we do our best to offer them here in Malta. We do so by eliminating any possible overhead in order to reduce the entire cost of our operation. Think about it, have you seen any large and expensive marketing campaigns initiated by us? We prefer to convince our customers one WINJA at a time with proof of prices rather than glitz, glamor!

Simply make an order online, no credit cards or Visas needed. 

Just tell us where you live and we will deliver straight to your door within 48 hrs whenever humanly possible. 

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