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Hi and welcome to our blog article which is focusing on the Vileda range of products for our clients who might want to purchase them here in Malta. Contrary to what most people believe, Vileda is actually not an Italian Product but rather a German one! Vileda online malta

Particularly its a German Family company, The Freudenberg Group. They are a highly diversified group of companies, operating in a multitude of different fields. The reason why we in Malta always thought that "Vileda" was an Italian company is because the televised advertising of the product was always seen on Italian television. Apart from that it is also the market leader in Italy so naturally the general public would assume that the product in fact originated there. The family business owns its roots to Mr.Carl Johann Freudenberg who began operation in 1849 taking over a Tannery in Weinheim Germany. Eventually leather products became unfeasible for the company to produce due to the economy at the time and market prices. Back to the drawing board together with a Chemist, Mr.Freudenberg came up with a synthetic alternative. This would then lead them to an entirely new non woven fabric. This fabric would be the material used as a new type of Window cloth which was at the centre of the whole company. The Brand name also lends favor this product, which derives from the German words "Wie Leder"  meaning "Like leather". The rest is as they say history. Lots of hard work and dedication has put them in the market where they are today, occupying the status of "Market Leaders" in Multiple countries around the world like Malta and Italy. For this reason we at Malta warehouse found it important to stock this range of household items on our site as there is nothing better than the German made quality products of Vileda. Nearly every household in Malta and Gozo today has "Vileda" cleaning products in their kitchens & boxrooms. We at Malta Warehouse are constantly on the look out to keep on enhancing our range of Vileda products. We do our best to not only have a large range of Vileda on our website, but also do so with the best prices on the Island. Just click here to visit the Vileda Range of products available to our customers in Malta.

Below are a few adverts that Vileda have run throughout the years. 

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