Vaseline Petroleum Jelly & all its uses!


Petroleum Jelly was first discovered in 1859. In 1872 the original inventor of Petroleum Jelly declares. "I, Robert Chesebrough, have invented a new and useful product from petroleum which I have named Vaseline..." Since this time it has been a household product around the world and also in Malta. It has been used to treat a world of ailments, here at Maltawarehouse however we will be discussing all the other great things Vaseline, and in particular Vaseline Petroleum jelly can be used for around the houses here in Malta. 

Vaseline Malta

On the face, some people here in Malta use Vaseline to keep their bushy eyebrows in check. By dabbing a little amount of Vaseline on each brow, one may tame even the unruliest of eyebrows, it may also be used to cover us small deformities in this area such as a stubborn brow cowlick (hairs that grow in the opposite or other direction of those in the vicinity).

If you're one of those maltese girls who looks for some added length in their eyebrows, vaseline comes in handy to help remove the 'lash glue that sticks to your eyelids. Simply dab cotton buds in the Vaseline and wipe onto where the lashes meet the eye. After a few minutes the Vaseline would have been absorbed, making it easier to gently pull off the prosthetics. 

Do you have a piercing that you don't often wear? Well those can get pretty painful when trying to re-insert rings or studs. Vaseline comes to the rescue as it acts as a lubricant, simply rub in the pierced area and massage the jelly and work it in. For added ease, add a little of the Vaseline petroleum jelly to the tip of the ring or stud that you are about to insert. Voila!

Cracked heels and Dry feet may be a thing of the past too with Vaseline Petroleum jelly! At night before you hit the sack, rub your feet with a generous helping of Vaseline petroleum jelly then wear your socks. Repeated daily action of this practise will render softer feet and less cracked heels.

Do you dye/colour your hair yourself? There's no harm in not going to the Hairdresser if you can find the colour you like off the shelf! However when choosing vibrant colours such as the red range its often the case that your skin at the hairline may get stained red! This is definitely unsightly and a good reason to have hair done by the professionals. However, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly can solve that too! Simply dab the jelly onto your skin at the hairline and when you dye your hair, the Vaseline petroleum jelly will stain and not your skin!

Are you the kind of person that is obsessed with her nails? Well if you ask any nail technician worth her salt, she will tell you that rubbing Vaseline petroleum jelly on your cuticles several times a day will result in softer and better looking cuticles, complementing the great nail job, picture perfect!

No After sun around and your skin is sunburned? The worst thing you can do is to ignore it, if there's nothing else around the Vaseline petroleum jelly would help against the effects of the harsh Maltese sun! If the skin is broken or very irritated, doctors must always be consulted.

Wack a blob on each elbow and/or knees and work them in to help these often very dry skin places!

Are you at your nail technician and have you just suggested a particular colour that hasn't been opened in a while? Well that's great, time to teach your Nail Lady a trick! The next time she uses a colour which is not often requested, tell her to dab the thread of the bottle with Vaseline petroleum jelly before she screws it shut! This will prevent the nail polish from drying between the thread of the bottle and the cap! ;) Now tell her that you'll charge for dispensing your advice! ;)

Antique Vaseline Malta

Vaseline petroleum jelly is such a versatile product, no wonder it's found in every Medicine cabinet in Malta! To View our range of Vaseline products that we offer to our clients here in malta just click here!




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