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Things people search for on our Site

We always get some crazy requests here at Malta Warehouse. So we decided to roll with it. Malta Warehouse is an online supermarket with a brick and mortar presence in B'kara. At Malta Warehouse we do our best to keep on increasing our assortment on a weekly basis. In doing so many people search for the craziest things on our site. Let's be honest.

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We are a long way away from: "The people of Walmart." Thank God the trend hasn't crossed the oceans! That being said however, people still search for the craziest things on our website -


We get a wealth of knowledge from our website, through the search volumes on our website we know for a fact that Gillette is a much more popular item than Wilkenson for example. Because the search volumes tell us so! 


Also when Easter comes along, we see people searching for Easter Eggs, Figolli and Easter Bunnies on our Malta Warehouse online supermarket website.

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What went down on our Malta Warehouse Website from September 1st till the 7th, of 2017.

Things People Search


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Ok so we sell a lot of things here at Malta Warehouse, but guys please, Cement? Ok I can half , half understand that our website name: Malta Warehouse with a logo of a Forklift may seem slightly confusing. But let's face it, before I blindly search on a website for something, I browse for a minute or two to get a little bit of a sense of the website.Upon visiting our website, which is an Online Discount Supermarket, you would be immediately greeted with a massive banner that gives the person in Malta a small sense of what we sell. Have you ever asked an Ironmonger for a Gillette Fusion Shaving blade?Online orders at Malta Warehouse

Clearly we had not 1 but 3 different people who might just do that this week on our online supermarket website!



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Ok so this one is a little hard to comprehend. What's even harder to understand is how two different people in Malta decided to search for his on our website this week. It baffles us further because these people didn't progress to search for Blue, Pink or Green. It seems like they only gave us one shot! It was a one time chance to show them that we've got colour. Not just any straight colour off the block, no they tested us with a curve ball, Magenta!
malta warehouse online orders

We will do our best to start stocking this item in our catalogue at Malta Warehouse, but how much are you willing to pay for it? Name your price, get back to us and tell us how much you want for it. Oh and just in case if you happen to be colour blind and wanted to quickly know what Magenta looked like: Here you go! ;)

Bed Sheets

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"Guys I swear it that's what he sells!" , "Mark, He told us. He sells Bed Sheets...." , A moment of clarity come over Mark. His hand reaches for his goatee, "Ohhhh, Bed Sheets! I was thinking to myself and thought, how weird. Bed Sheets, yes makes much more sense...."

At Malta Warehouse we draw some conclusions sometimes. These are totally unfounded, but we draw them anyway. We bet that this person's search for "Bed Sheets" is totally related to the last search we are going to post for this weeks edition of "Things People Search" here at Malta Warehouse. To find out, you've got to scroll all the way down. I think it's a fair assumption to make, you?
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GOT Fans at Malta Warehouse

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So we have one of two things, either some Game of Throne Fans or some people actually think that Winter is Coming! Bringing with it those creepy White Walkers; feeling the need to arm themselves! I mean really?!?  Valyrian Steel and Dragon Glass?? We've got some heavy apocalyptic preppers buying from our website!! WOW!


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If you notice we are completely ignoring the Flower Vase and Hair Pod right now as we are still totally fixated on the Game of Thrones searches on our site. Is there some Game of Thrones Memorabilia that we don't know about?!? I mean we saw an article by Lovin' Malta about such a novelty device.... Which actually leads us to the last whimsical search on the Malta Warehouse online supermarket search for this week. The final and actual winner of this week has to be to the below post. 

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Sex... Yes people searched for SEXmalta warehouse online detergents

Let's try to understand this one. So we do understand that people for example order Durex from our Site. We actually sell quite a lot of of these things.

It's very understandable, people feel a little awkward buying condoms from a shop. So we provide a handsome solution, with our online shopping! People buy all the things they need, then search for the Durex, Lube and so forth. Hit the plus tab a couple of times to stock up / hope to give their partner the message with the large amount purchased. This is definitely the biggest silent sign one can give to their partners. If you buy 3 family packs of Durex and two bottles of lube, your intentions should be very clear. We also offer an extensive range of wine if you want to hit the homerun. 

We've ventured slightly off the beaten track just now. But think about it, who ever searched for the bed sheets is Definitely the same person searching for sex... Sorry to have to be the one to break it to you but we are an online supermarket and do not offer the facility or product called Sex! Thanks for trying though! 
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