The Bezos Way


Jeff Bezos and Vincent Astor may be two characters who never met but the two shared something in common! They revolutionized shopping. They did this by looking at the situation with a fresh pair of eyes and through lateral thinking (Thinking outside the box) and/or some stroke of luck, revolutionized the concepts of shopping for the general public.
Here at Maltawarehouse, we are not revolutionising as we believe that the wheel should not be re-invented. However that being said, we do believe in the Bezos way instead of what is now considered to be the "old" Vincent Astor way. However to know one, we must appreciate the other.

Before Mr.Astor came up with the pre-idea of a Supermarket in 1915, merchant stores around the world consisted of counters where customers would line up behind. Very similar to our current ironmongers in Malta. Store-owner assistants would fetch the items for their clients as most of the items for sale were not individually packed. Everything was sold in large wooden caskets or steal tins that had to be measured into smaller portions for the general public. Unfortunately his concept needed slight adjustments to be successful and a year later Mr.Clarence Saunders created the Piggy Wiggy Brand, the first concept of self service groceries. 

This success led to many other brands cropping up around the world eventually morphing into larger concepts, always larger with bigger fridges larger freezers always adding services to try beat its competitors around the corner. Adding buchters in the premises or fish mongers, sometimes even hairdressers or entire pharmacies. 

We at preffer the Jeff Bezos approach. What is this you may ask? Well you are all very familiar with his product,! The twenty first century way of shopping which began in 1994. Mr.Bezos realised a potential. Books are books, you know what you are going to get. Similarly here at Maltawarehouse, we realise the potential similarly. Our clients also know what they are going to get, so a difference in price, resulting in savings is something our clients here in Malta appreciate. Online sales globally is skyrocketing. Our aim in the near future is to operate as a fully fledged online supermarket and with some time we will definitely get there.

Below, Amazon's first ever order. Below that, our first order delivered to our happy clients!

Amazons first sale  First order Malta warehouseFirst order-malta-warehouse

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