The aging lager drinker...looking for a mature pint.


Essentially a re-launch of an old family brewery that was sited a few hundred yards away from the world famous Guinness Brewery, basically both feasting from the same river, the River Liffey.  The Coors Brewing company, the owners of this new re-launch venture are the seventh largest brewers in the world.

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Estimated revenue of 5 Billion Dollars.The founding members of the Coors dynasty were German immigrants to the United States. Also, the recipe they bought was a Czech pilsner style of beer, another world famous originator of fine beers. Now just to put things into perspective, these two German immigrants invested what would now be Half a million Dollars into this business venture together. That's not pocket change to begin with. What's more Adolph Coors bought his partner Jacob out just seven years later, talk about aggressive!

Ok so back to the Caffrey's Irish Ale. But wait what is an ale? The reason why it's consumed by an older public is because the  Bittering agents that balance the sweetness of the malt are normally more of a maturely acquired taste. Lagers and pilsners considered to be much more easy drinkers whereas ale's have more complexity to them. In the Popular television series "Game of Thrones" we see many instances where the characters were drinking in Taverns and Eating houses. They would have been drinking some form of Ale as the setting of the series was a sort of Medieval world. Ale, particularly a type of ale called small beer was an important source of nutrition at the time. It used to provide hydration and had just enough alcohol to act as a preservative and not the intoxicating effects.

The ale itself is based on an original recipe from 1897 and should be served between 4-6 degrees Celsius. It's an awesome beer to watch settle, chestnutty red in colour with a large creamy white head. A clear amber brew with hints of copper, an off-white compact head that leaves some lacing. The smell is mostly sweet malt, caramel, dark syrup, fresh baked bread. The taste has initially a brown sugar sweetness, molasses tones, and a slight bitter finish. It's a low carbonation, a smooth rather watery feeling, a dry finish.


There are millions of Beers & Ales out in the world to be tasted and discovered, this Caffrey's Irish Ale would not go down in history as the most sophisticated and/or complex ale in all of brewing history. Most connoisseurs would rate it at 3.5/5 so it's definitely a well above average ale. In other words, if you are going to be baking your own version of a Steak & Ale pie this coming winter season, using this ale would not do it the justice deserved when considering the local maltese public who rate Lachryma Vitis as only good enough for the Rabbit sauce. No This Caffrey's Irish Ale may be used in both instances, as an ingredient for the marinate and mix in the pie and also to serve with the pie, together with the traditional dollop of mash!

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