Tesori D'Oriente, where did it come from?


Sometimes you discover a product. You unscrew the top, hover your nose over it and take a whiff. You short circuit and a sensory rush hits you, transported to a particular time. A feeling grips you and takes hold. It doesn't matter how much the bottle may cost, it simply needs to go in your shopping basket. You buy Tesori D'Oriente because it takes you to a place you want to re-visit every time you have that luxurious bath or extra long pleasurable steamy shower. This particular product however hit the shelves here in Malta without such large marketing innuendo or fanfare. The packaging used for this product immediately gives you that feeling of luxury, first class materials and with that top tier fragrances and extracts. I was immediately transported to the baths in Turkey upon unscrewing the aluminum cap of the latest Bath foams on offer here at Maltawarehouse. Below a short description taken from the homepage of the products website, further info also available on their website. 


Tesori D'Oriente Malta

The name Treasures of the East was born from a vision, to offer every woman the opportunity to recreate in your own home, a sensory experience to the wellbeing of body and mind. Treasures of the East was created to transform the care of the person in a genuine beauty ritual, made of unique fragrances, precious, regenerating ingredients and emotions, like an endless journey.

The name was chosen to represent the very essence of the brand identity: Precious as a "treasure", the choice of the finest ingredients and unique packaging, extremely rich and elegant aluminum; "On the East" because it is inspired by the philosophy of oriental beauty and revitalizes the most sophisticated ingredients and scents of oriental aesthetic tradition.

The philosophy Since its inception, the philosophy of the East Treasures was based on the holistic concept of deriving from well-being and physical and mental equilibrium: body care becomes a moment of detachment from the stressful routine to find a deep inner feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Today Treasures of the East is a complete line of beauty rituals, recognized for the quality of its Italian products and unique fragrances that leave a unique scent, sensual and snug against your skin.

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