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Here at Maltawarehouse.com we find it important to offer our clients whenever possible, certain things that are not found anywhere else locally.

The Health benefits to drinking Herbal tea range from better blood circulation to increasing your metabolism. Each herbal tea is said to improve it's own set of things in our bodies. Whilst the common Black tea varieties such as Tetley's, PG Tips or Lion are readily available elsewhere, A tea corner such as this is not available yet in Malta so we are proud to be the first to be offering this nice selection. One may read up on the web the numerous benefits of Herbal tea and just come here to make their personal purchase, we'd be happy to bring it to your home. Every product visible on our site is centrally stocked locally so delivery is most often handled within 48hours of us receiving your order!


Herbal Tea Fusions  are also possible by combining different leaves when you brew, to your particular taste. The easiest way of brewing your herbal loose tea fusion is by getting hold of a tea ball. Straining the leaves is important so as not to have pieces floating around in your mug. Alternatively after brewing the leaves in a jug, one may use a coffee filter, this is an other way of separating the pieces of bark, leaf and/or flower.

Trying one particular blossom or flower may not be very appealing in most cases as the brew would lack depth and different layers of taste. You should consider that a regular tea bag may have as much as one hundred varieties of leaves present to create the rich taste signature taste you've become to know and love. Click here to view the range of tea herbs available.

Healthy Tea

Apart from just healthy tea brewing, you may also create your own Infused booze, alcoholic drinks such as Gin or Vodka. Alcohol is surprisingly one of the best mediums for extracting and preserving flavor from herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits. The method is known as steeping, whilst the nature of the subject is very vast we will be posting some links here where one may read up on steeping. We at maltawarehouse.com are here to offer our clients the ingredients at the best price possible!

Lavender infused gin 


So if you are looking for a large selection of tea, interested in infusing your own drinks or a mix of both, you may click here to view our healthy range.

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