Supporting Local Sites in Malta

sup-loc-sites-banner.png is a local website, created to service the Maltese population with the service of providing Branded products at the best prices possible, hence we coined the term #LOVEBARGAINS. 

This page however is completely dedicated to other local pioneers who we feel are also doing great things for the benefit of the Maltese and their families! For this reason we are trying to support this small community of people who are working to make this beautiful place we live in better! 





The Website Showshappening is a popular one in Malta, they aim to make buying and selling tickets online easy. Which by all accounts they do! The website can also be used to get a better idea of what events are happening around Malta & Gozo. The firm has been well at it for over three years now and are definitely anyone's go to site to purchase their next event's tickets! 

 Malta Warehouse

Ship Low Cost is a local website in Malta developed specifically for people who wish to purchase things from abroad when those sellers on Amazon or Ebay for example don't necessarily want to send specifically to Malta. In a nutshell what these company cleverly did was set up depots in Popular countries. These depots serve as local addresses for Maltese buyers. Then once the product you ordered arrives at their warehouse, the logistics department routes your goods through their network down to Malta. Smart right? Click here to visit their website the next time you wish to purchase something from abroad!  


Malta Warehouse

Ever find yourself browsing the web for entertainment? Fed up of reading the narrative of local papers yet still looking for something relevant to the country you live in? That's where Lovin Malta comes in! These people mix it all up! A little news, a little fun all in one trendy website! As they say it: "Lovin Malta is a new publication celebrating the island of Malta, the food it has to offer and the people who help shape it." Click here to visit their great website! 



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