Supermarket Online with a physical presence.


Malta Warehouse has silently graduated from being solely an online website distributing bargain products to various households around Malta to operating its first fully fledged 300 square meter retail establishment. Wait a minute, wasn't Malta Warehouse supposed to remain an online entity like amazon and other cloud based companies? 

The truth of the matter is that few things in life are set in stone. Everything else shifts, changes and evolves. Malta Warehouse has early on realised the potential of the internet and technology in setting up the business module they operate. Infact they were and still are the only consumer retail company to offer it clients in Malta a Dedicated Mobile shopping app that focuses exclusively on Supermarket Shopping. They boast over 1.1K+ downloads and active users with a retention of over 75% to existing users. To download your copy of the app for easy online shopping just click here

Ongoing international market research dictates that the strongest companies globally operate a side by side business module. In other words, the best companies operated a great cutting edge internet platform whilst also having the classic brick and mortar retail space. This is not to say that one is not able to operate without the other, however on the largest scale possible, the best application companies had both a strong online presence and a physical one.

For this reason we opened up shop in B'kara. We have set up over 300 square meters of retail space with an open plan them displaying the bargains we have to offer our clients in our supermarket in Malta. Our Physical shop mirrors our online one. We've done our best to create a clean, calm & well defined space with wide walkways for ease of use for our clients in Malta.

Where are we situated exactly? It's dead simple, the street is called: Triq Tumas Fenech, B'Kara. 

Situated right opposite the local council, Down the road from Miracle Foods. At the bottom of the road is situated the Parish church of St.Helen. 


Super market in malta

When ordering online, for purchases above €50.00 we will deliver your shopping anywhere in Malta for Free! Orders under the set minimum amount would have a small delivery fee of €5.00c. 

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