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We've got a great offer going at Malta Warehouse! 

Spend over €60 and get €10 off your bill!

What's more, it will be delivered right to your door, so no need to deal with all that hassle and traffic!

What do you need to do? Just read on, its simple!

Head on to Google Play or Android. Download our dedicated Mobile shopping app on your Mobile phone. 

   malta warehouse app


Click here on the App Store button to download for an Apple Device.

mobile app malta warehouse

Click here on the Google Play button to download for a google Device. 


Time for some shopping!

Just order all the things you wish to purchase from the mobile app!

As you can see from the image below, our clients are already saving whenever they use our shopping app. Purchasing just these 5 items below, you can save €12.18c but that's not all. We are now offering another €10 off your bill when ordering over €60 through our mobile app throughout the Month of September. 

save at malta warehouse

Once you ordered just check out and add the code 10offseptember in the final comments section of your order Like in the screenshot below.

malta warehousemobile shopping app

Got it? Simple right?

Time to open the Dedicated mobile shopping app and start saving!

no traffic no hassle





*Terms & Conditions (the iffy things that we obviously have to state for boring legal reasons).
This offer is valid for orders over €60.00 made from our mobile app and not from the website, shop or an other platform. We reserve the right to stop the promotion before intended date for any reason reserved by Malta Warehouse. We will do our best to keep our same day delivery promise, but delays may occur depending upon delivery volumes and delivery locations. Items may fall out of stock without notice during this offer as all our products are available on a first come first serve basis calculated upon Confirmation of order and not placing in checkout cart. Orders are strictly on a once per household, this order may not be used if same family has already made use of it in each home. This offer is intended for personal (family) use and not for any commercial reasons. If you have read all the terms and conditions type the word bookworm right next to the other code in the order for an additional small goodie from Malta Warehouse. Since we have you here (and the chunkier these terms and conditions look the seriouser we seem), like, share and comment on our posts on Facebook. We love interaction with our clients & believe that if the love is shared then good vibes will surround each and every one of us here in this beautiful island we call home, Malta. Amendments to this terms and conditions may be made if necessary. 

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