Smelly Washer?


Are you having the problem that your clothes come out of the washing machine and not smelling as "Spring Awakening" as the fabric softener advertised? 

If you've had your washing machine for a while, you will notice that when you leave the lid open, an odor of stagnation seems to waft in the washroom. This is could easily remedied by keeping the washing lid closed, one may think. As to the immediate problem of the smell in the washroom, yes that would be a quick fix. However, more often than not, a quick fix is often more costly in the long run. Stagnant residue water left in the washing machine has no where to evaporate when the lid is shut and sealed tight so this smelly water gets into the crevices of the machine, smelling worse and worse with every cycle. It's a slow smelly process if you recently bought a brand new washing machine and it might be years before you smell any funkiness but by keeping the lid closed it will eventually happen.

Another thing that is happening is that the hard Maltese water is calcifying inside the Washing Machine. Just like on the heating elements of your electric kettle, most people try to keep the electric element immersed in water as  when it gets exposed to the air it will begin to stink. Consider that in a kettle you only boil water whereas in a washing machine you are adding washing detergent and fabric softener to the mix as well.

Not for nothing, your poor washing machine needs a healthy dosage of its very own mouthwash to cure it from its funky smell problem every now and then. You may buy the most concentrated fabric softener and add the whole bottle to your load and this would all be in vain if you don't clean your washing machine from the inside. Every now and then you've got to take some cleaning vinegar and pour a healthy amount into your washing detergent dispenser and run the washing machine on a long program at 90C. Same as with the kettle. The Cleaning Vinegar is a great de-greaser / de-calcifying agent. You might what to just wash your sheets in the next load immediately there after as some of the vinegar smell might still be present, but it will soon leave completely, leaving you able to leave your washing machine lid a jar instead of completely shut. We've obviously got the cleaning vinegar for you, to purchase just click here

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