Shaving Tips & Tricks


More and more people sport the scruffy bum fluff look here in Malta and we at Malta Warehouse have a small suspicion that a few tips and tricks could go a long way! Gone is the day where children would stare at the only entertainment of morning. Their father regimentally shaving every day, getting ready, sharp fresh look, splash splash of the alcohol burning aftershave. Nowadays children are spoilt for entertainment choices and father making funny faces holding his nose or a weird yawning in the mirror just doesn't cut it anymore. Because of this many details handed over subconsciously from generation to generation in the art of a clean close shave have been lost.  

shaving in malta

We at Malta Warehouse believe that Gillette is the best product for most male shaving needs. Especially when it comes to shaving blades such as the Fusion or Mach3 range. Nivea also have some pretty good products such as the Nivea Aftershave Balsam.

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