Shaving... Tips & tricks for women


Puberty arrives, and with it does all our self consciousness. We take a bight from the forbidden fruit and find ourselves wanting to fix ourselves up. Tweaking this, enhancing that. Although a gradual attainment everyone goes through it. Most of the time our parents then bestow upon us the tools, tips & tricks to transform ourselves into the beings we wish to see ourselves as in the mirror.

However parents may not aways be the best source of information. Some may not find any importance in certain cosmetic enhancements and others may be incapable of explanation. This is where teenagers would then venture to seek advice from various media outlets or emulate those stars they recently began to admire.

Shaving your legs and underarms are one of the first things that happens as pubers immediately become aware of the hair. 

Shaving tips malta

The best advice for girls entering the world of woman hood would be to go easy on the razor frenzy in the beginning. Ideally one should reserve the blade for their upper thighs and underarms whilst leaving the bikini lines and lower legs (under the knee) to wax strips. Here at Malta Warehouse we have a full range of wax strips. Click here to visit this page. 

One must also take care when choosing what blade they decide to shave with. The regular 5 blade razor that most men use for their face may not be ideal. These razors have so many blades and provide such a deep / close shave that they actually also remove the top most layer of skin. For this reason Gillette Venus blades with 3 blades may be beneficial. Click here to pick up the razor blades you require.

Gillette Satin Care and other specific shaving gels are made for women to sooth the skin before its shaving time. Whilst we have the range of creams available, we also have a secret weapon. Click here to see what this unusual secret weapon may be! Another vital tip is to make sure you don't use regular shower gels or bath gels to lather before shaving. Typical shower gels are sort of mild degreasing agents, they are there to scrub you clean from the days dirtiness and grease. This would typically have a sort of drying effect on the skin and lead to easier skin break-aging and dreadful razor burn.

Thats right! our next tip is Baby oil. This should used before you get into the shower. massage into your legs before you jump in. This layer of oil will be your best friend and make you razor burn free! Oil and water don't mix, so it shouldn't come off that easy. On top of this use the Gillette Satin care shaving gel or other similar product made specifically for women. 

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Always have a healthy stock of blades and/or cartridges available close by. When in doubt, switch out the old razor and replace with a new! A dull razor is the main reason for nicks, cuts and razor burns. Also never share razors with friends as microscopic blotches of blood between razors may lead to Hep C.

When shaving, perform a two step pass on each spot. The first one in the direction of the hair growth to remove all the extra hair which would otherwise collect between each blade. All the hair between the blades will cause you to press harder on your skin as the blade would start to seem dull. This would not be the case and chances of cutting yourself will increase tenfold. The second pass is when you perform your close shave which means going in the direction against your hair grain. Also remember to start from your ankles and proceed to go up the leg. 

One must also keep their legs free of dry skin as this also may get stuck between the blades of the razor. Exfoliation the day before for this reason would also be a good way to go. 

Lastly when its all said and done a good body lotion is needed to replenish the skin cells which just took a beating. This will ensure that you don't get any redness and/or irritation. Depending upon your skin sensitivity you should choose between un-perfumed or regular scented lotions. Click here to see what is available in our body lotions section of our website.

Following all these steps religiously will not ensure that you never get nicked, but its definitely food for thought to make your legs look the best possible!

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