5 Reasons to buy Shampoo Online


Don't be a cow! Here's 5 Reasons why you should purchase your shampoo online in Malta!Shampoo malta warehouseShampoo Online at Malta Warehouse


The mother of all reasons that you should always purchase your shampoo online is because it's CHEAPER! Curiously many people in Malta associate the term cheaper with inferior. We at Malta Warehouse offer the exact same identical product that you would normally purchase in the Supermarket, at a super reduced price! If you want to learn why we are able to be so cheap, that's for another day. Click here to read about how our shampoo in Malta is so much cheaper. 


2. Convenient

At Malta warehouse we just launched: SAME DAY DELIVERY!
Click here to read more about the same day delivery. So yes it's UBER convenient. Did your shampoo finish? Whilst we don't recommend waiting in the shower until we arrive, it's virtually possible because we will turn up at your doorstep to save the day! 


3. The Brands

We carry most of the shampoo brands in Malta. Below are just a few of the brands we carry!

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4. The modern way

Families in Malta are buying their Books online from Amazon, clothes from Asos or Boohoo and Shoes frommobile shopping app
Sports Direct. So there's no reason not to buy their shampoo online too! We at Malta Warehouse believe that the future of Grocery shopping in Malta is online. For this reason, apart from our brick and mortar shop in B'kara

(Click here to see where we are actually located) we have invested heavily in our Dedicated mobile shopping app.

We are proud to be the first in Malta with this technology, and believe that this gives us an edge above the rest of the supermarkets in Malta. We harness technology and use it to our advantage for our shoppers in Malta.

Our Dedicated mobile shopping app boasts over 4.1k+ Active users! Join the community by clicking here to download the App, it's FREE!






5.Large Choice

Obviously we don't just sell shampoo! 😂 At Malta Warehouse we offer a huge array of discounted products at Warehouse Prices! That is definitely a good reason to shop for your Shampoo (and other grocery items) at Malta Warehouse!


Convinced? You must be! Click here to start shopping! We will see you when we come to drop off your delivery!

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