Malta Warehouse is searching for Passionate people in the Kitchen!


Do you have a family recipe that is Amazing?

Then you've come to the right place! We at Malta Warehouse are providing a platform for anyone and everyone to publish their own famous / original recipes! 

My brother Max and I (Pablo) are quite passionate when it comes to the kitchen. Everyone who knows us will attest to the fact that we know what we like, hate half assed attempts when cooking and in constant search of food Nirvana.

Whilst there are millions of food recipe sites online,
we are looking to try curate a food recipe section that centralises upon Maltese cuisine. Even as I write this, I'm close to correcting myself. That being said, we look forward to publishing any recipe by people living and cooking in Malta! Those are our primary conditions.

Secondly we would like contributors to try use seasonal and sustainable produce whenever possible. Let's try keep our carbon footprint as small as possible.

chefs at malta warehouse

If you think you have a kick ass Gaucho Beef Steak Marinade that wows your friends & family each time you prepare it, then we want to hear about it.

That photo above is not a brave and unruly Argentinian skilled horseman, that's Fuzzy (Max) waiting for you to send us your creations.


What does Malta Warehouse get from all of this?

We are doing this simply to get a collection of great local meals for people to browse on our site. We get a lot of traffic here, (a lot). Click here to have a look at a screen shot from our google analytics of traffic from January 2018 to date 28th March (day of publishing). 

Publishing great recipes on our site could help any budding chef trying to break through and/or anyone who has a shared passion with us and other families in Malta and Gozo.

There's nothing more frustrating than putting the effort into cooking a meal, writing all about it and not have anyone have a look at the fruits of your labor.
We currently get about 300 people a day who visit our website, a great meal will definitely get traction and be seen. We've got Google Analytics that tells us what's up! If your recipe hits big numbers, be sure that you will know about it!

What we want is to offer our clients here at Malta Warehouse something authentic and engaging. 

Who can send in?

In one word, anyone. 

We want professional local chef, Weekend Grillers , Turkey Stuffers, Fishy fishers, Family Chef , Nanna Mary , Aunty Lucy, Uncle Alex and anyone else who has this shared passion. 



Format for sending in.

We are looking to achieve this kind of look and format. 

food at malta warehouse


Title: (Choose whatever you want to call your meal)

Photo: (Get Creative)


Serves: (Always if possible serving 4 people)


Time: (A timeframe for people to keep in mind if interested in trying out dish)

Personal Story: (A short back story for readers to learn your background, interests etc. (Professional chefs may take this moment to mention where they work), Unless a profile photo is submitted, we will find one from social media)

Dish Backstory: (If you have one, maybe the dish recipe originally belongs to your great grandmother, this would be the time to give ultimate kudos and respect to those talented chefs before us)

Ingredients: (List of all ingredients, herbs , spices)

Method: (In point form or however you feel more comfortable)


cooking with malta warehouse

How to send in?

Simply send us your recipe and photos to 
Subject the title of email: "Recipe for Website" 

We are currently collecting the recipes and will inform you when yours and everyone else's have been uploaded!



Click here to see our latest developments. We are not live just yet, but working towards our goal! ;)





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