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 Check out our first menu item here at Salumeria! Click here to visit the menu! We are offering our customers here in the area of Birkirkara a healthy Fruit Salad option.

All our Fruit salads are customizable with the option of different top ups. From Chia seeds all the way to Goji Berries, you can always give our fruit salads that personal healthy twist you have been desiring.








Salumeria! It's happening at Malta Warehouse. A shop in shop concept, offering clients in Malta a curated selection of the finer things in life. Brought together with a fitting ambience & decor, Salumeria transcends average delicatessens and takes a step further. A personal approach, an intimate knowledge of the products on display and on offer.

salumeria malta

Salumeria will be offering a host of freshly baked nuts to its receptive clients in Malta. This coupled with the superfoods that have been increasing in popularity over the last period, from Chia seeds to Chestnuts, all displayed and on offer.

A curated selection of Fresh cheeses, hams and salamis ensures that you will always have a great option to nibble on. We will also be offering handmade platters for our clients who wish to entertain guests this season. A sizeable selection of wine will pair with almost any selection of cheese and palate. To top it all off we will be operating a top shelf fresh vegetable selection for our clients. Stay tuned for development from our Salumeria right here online or visit the shop in Birkirkara to see first handedly what exceptional produce we have to offer you, our clients in Malta! 

Salumeria is the best kept secret in B'Kara!

No one wants to give away the secret of where they got the lovely nibbles they bought. We are secretly situated inside Malta Warehouse.

Due to an increase of popularity, we have a dedicated website for the Salumeria which better broadcasts all the services we are able to offer. 

cheese platters

We cater for outdoor events such as Music Festivals, Fairs or other events such as incentives and other networking events. We also cater for Weddings and a host of other occasions such as Baptisms, Anniversaries, Birthdays and other get togethers. The great thing is that you can rest your mind assured that you will be offering your guests a fresh and genuine product. We do not mass produce our platters and give every event the full attention to detail it desires.

Click our link below to get a better perspective on the full range of services we offer.

cheese platters

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