Powder Detergent vs Liquid


It's difficult to choose when shopping which detergent to buy. Different people choose different detergents for their washing machine. We at Maltawarehouse will discuss the various options that exist on the market here in Malta.

Powder detergent MaltaWhist powdered Detergent is one of the most popular formats people choose when buying detergents, it has also some pros and cons. Most maltese argue that liquid detergent is better because it is already pre-dissolved, saying that powder detergent does not dissolve as well when water is added to it in the washing machine. This may be true in the past, however the technology put into the detergent industry now means that even at low temperatures, powdered detergent readily dissolves in the water. To dispel this myth, just grab a hand full of powdered detergent in a glass and add water. Here you can see how it performs. This is also handy to see about over dosing your powder. Eventually the water in the system may become saturated with powder and no more will dissolve. This means that all the "extra" powder you threw would actually remain undissolved and gather in the pipes of your washing machine, eventually becoming the cause in a blockage and possibly destroying your machine.

However all is not doom and gloom for Powdered detergent. When it comes to white loads, powder is definitely more effective. This is because there is more phosphorus material in powder than in liquids and this makes white clothes look even whiter! Powder detergents are also generally cheaper to purchase than liquids and since most come in cardboard packaging, they seem to be slightly more environmentally friendly when considering the packaging.

When it comes to liquid detergents there are other things to consider. Although generally more expensive than the powders, a liquid detergent is much better when it comes to spot treatment of tougher stains on clothes. liquid detergent In other words before throwing clothes into the washing machine, one may dab some liquid detergent to pre-treat it whist going through the wash cycle. Liquid detergent is also perceived to be less messy than powder and generally easier to calculate washes. When it comes to washing specific types of clothes, liquids are more versatile than powders. Liquid detergents may be specifically formulated for people with sensitive skin. This is because the main filler in a liquid detergent is Aqua (water) where as in powders this is sodium sulphate which people with sensitive skin may be afflicted by.

Liquid detergents are often also formulated for black clothes. In this case detergent companies may put trace amounts of dye into the liquid detergent. This wouldn't change the colour of your clothes outright, however it would help against the fading effect which comes with washing clothes over time. Other liquid detergents are specially formulated for washing wool and others for delicate clothes such as underwear and/or silk. 


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