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The more global companies become nowadays, the more they iterate themselves from the public eye. Completely the opposite of how William and James began their company in 1837. Although they immediately set out to brand the products they sold, the company Procter & Gamble was very visible on every product they sold, together  with the moon and stars circular logo. They were very literally selling themselves with their product. 

Star candles

On September 5 1800, Malta surrendered to the British after they blockaded French troops. In the mean time both William and James were thinking of emigrating to the land of opportunity. Eventually they both did, strangers to each other from England and Ireland respectively. These two men settled in "The city opposite the mouth of the (Licking) River" Known as Cinncinati, in a random turn of faith they both married the Norris sisters. As the Queen Victoria ascended the British throne following the death of her uncle, King William IV through persuasion from their mutual father-in-law Alexander Norris, the Candle-maker and soap-maker became business partners in 1837.

In an era where electricity did not exist and personal hygiene was still in its infancy, these two entrepreneurs were offering what one must consider to be cutting edge technology that once tried left people completely hooked and dependent. After all who wouldn't want to see in the dark or smell nice?

Just 22 years after their inception these two partners registered sales of $1 million. Just to put this into perspective. Back then $1.00 was equal to approximately $26.00c, so in todays terms we would actually be talking about sales of $26,000,000.00c Now that's a lot of money! Even in todays day and age.  

As the country entered into Civil war the P&G boys who by now were a company employing 80 workers, knew how to turn this situation into a positive way for themselves. They won military contracts to supply the what would later become the winning side with their soap and candles. This had a two fold positive effect for them. One being obviously the actual sales of the products to the regiment. Ontop of that however, their product was becoming familiarized by all the troops across the country. A farmer only eats what he's familiar with, as the saying goes, turned out to help them when in 1880 they launched their Ivory Soap!


In the prospecting days of foraging for gold in streams and rivers, this was deemed to be quite a discovery and cutting edge! A floating soap bar. The myth being that the product was created by accident when a factory worker supposedly "ruined" a batch of soap bars by leaving the mixture machine running for too long. This was actually disregarded a century later by company archivists. 

From then on the P&G boys kept well at it, popular television shows known as soap operas for example have been coined thanks to Procter & Gamble. "soap" refers to the soap and detergent commercials originally broadcast during the shows, which were aimed at women who were cleaning their houses at the time of listening or viewing, and "opera" refers to the melodramatic character of the shows.


Nowadays its a multinational company with net sales of over $1 Billion annually. I'm sure that Mr.William & Mr.James are two people very happy with the legacy they have left here on Earth. Also Mr.Alexander Norris and his two daughters who caught the eye of what would become one of the great partnerships in modern time, P&G.

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