Online Supermarket: The Secret to our low prices


Welcome to the Secret of our low pricing strategy.

Most Online Supermarkets or other Supermarkets in Malta would be scared to publish an article such as this. We at Malta Warehouse however feel that by explaining what we do, we can better illustrate that we are the best at doing it in Malta. What we are the best at is simply offering the cheapest price on over 89% of the items in our store at any time! 

The first Question we tackle is why not 100%?

We would love to be able to offer 100% of our products cheaper than anyone in Malta at any given time, however this is not realistic. Anyone pretending to be the cheapest all the time is simply a misinformed retailer.

  • The reason being that in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) world products (as the name implies) travel at very fast speeds. In other words, deals are made or lost very fast. We at Malta Warehouse have this mantra at the core of our business, when we smell a deal we never hesitate to bring it to our clients at Malta Warehouse.

Secondly Large Supermarkets in Malta have started a trend of putting a few items on offer, these Items are generally bought in large bulk. For example a container of Svelto Dishwashing liquid. In the middle of the Supermarket, they would place a large display of this item at a ridiculous price, sometimes at cost price or even a touch below to try coax the Maltese families into believing that everything else in the store is equally well priced. We at Malta Warehouse do not believe in this failed and flawed mantra, and this is another reason why a product or two might not be as well priced as products on offer at our competition Supermarkets in Malta. 

save money

How are we different?

Simple, we make sure that we are present in the digital world of nowadays to make it easy for you to compare our prices to our competitors. We don't hide behind our big glamorous offices, or silly websites without any published prices. Just Google any product you think we would have and we can guarantee that our website will appear in the first page of the results, with a published price that is Cheaper than our competitors (Unless it happens to be on the special offer mentioned above). 

We tackled the shopping experience of our clients in 3 ways.

By having a great online presence, our clients can refer back to our website whenever they like, (we have over 250 people a day visiting our site) checking out the range of products we have to offer with the prices they are happy to pay.

Our dedicated mobile shopping app is the 2nd way we tackled our clients shopping experience. Just Search for "Malta Warehouse" in your Google Play or App store, it's free to download. We've got over 1,300 Maltese Shoppers who actively use this great App to go their groceries. We are constantly updating and maintaining our online services to remain on the cutting edge of technology. 

Lastly we opened a 300m2 retail establishment in central B'Kara. We did this because we realised that while serving a younger generation with our online services, we noted that a slightly older demographic needed to see and touch the products before venturing online. Ensuring that "what you see is what you get" before they take the plunge. Anyone with questions about the Website and/or App are always answered by one of us. 

Finally our Low pricing Strategy Secret

The answer is really simple and we have google to thank for setting us on the right path for this. Google's Mantra is "Don't be Evil", we in turn here at Malta Warehouse say "Don't be Greedy". Everyone who visits our Supermarket in B'Kara will realise that we have done our very best with the hard earned money we managed to save in order to open the first of what we hope will be more Malta Warehouse stores. We do however is not to do this on the back of raising the prices of products! We are very smart and cautious when it comes to the purchasing and importation of all the goods in the store. We in fact import approximately 90% of all the goods that are displayed on our shelves, this helps us be cheaper than our Supermarkets in Malta too.

We have seen a few trends in Malta where supermarkets have opened and subsequently closed due to being "greedy". Others simply keep coasting upon the success of the name they used to have whilst other foreign franchises brainwashed many people a long time ago. We at Malta Warehouse by not being greedy can ensure that the products we put on our shelves are at a lower price for every Maltese Family to enjoy, Making it a win , win situation for everyone in Malta.

Below Some screenshots of products showing we are in fact cheaper:

dove malta

ob malta



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