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Malta Warehouse is an Online Supermarket. Normally at a warehouse business people are made to purchase large amounts against a cheaper retail price or a discounted price where the product is able to be re-sold to the general public. A typical Wholesale company would only distribute to retailers in the area. Some Wholesale companies also impose minimum order expenditures. The typical Wholesaler infact has no outlet where the general public can do their shopping, we infact are different to your average wholesaler as we at Malta Warehouse are a hybrid between A Traditional Wholesaler and a Supermarket! 

A Traditional Wholesaler normally purchases his goods in large bulk as most supermarket products are not manufactured here in Malta. So it is the task of the Wholesaler to find the best possible price abroad and import it to Malta to then be able to distribute to its clients. In order to keep everything as low costing as possible a wholesaler would negotiate a price of a medium amount with a supermarket. By offering a large amount to a supermarket, the wholesaler saves money by not having to make weekly trips to the same supermarket. Thus saving money from the Delivery men that can go to another detergent shop and or grocer, supermarket instead. Not to mention the delivery van itself like wear and tear and also Diesel.

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We at Malta Warehouse however keep our ears on the ground, listening to new trends in the world of FMCG that is always evolving. (The industry we operate in is called Fast Moving Consumer Goods) or FMCG in short. We began to follow the shift aligning ourselves with an ever growing online community who prefer not to have to drive to a Traditional Supermarket. The challenges in our fast paced world, added frustration in Traffic, Find parking, Search through multitudes of Isles, Wait in queues to check out and carry all the heavy shopping upstairs into the house. Since September of 2015 Malta Warehouse opened its digital doors to the online community. Like Jeff Bezos we at Malta Warehouse realised that the goods we are offering for sale online are just like his vision of selling books online. A book is a book, what you see on the photo of the listing is what you are going to get. Making the second most important thing the price of that product. At Malta Warehouse we operate under the same principle, A Head & Shoulders Shampoo, is what it is. What you see in our listing in our online supermarket website is what you get. So the second most important thing about the price is simply the price! We are proud that we can honestly say that we are the Cheapest in Malta offering an Online Supermarket experience to our clients but then with the bonus of giving them access to Wholesale prices for the top branded products they love in Malta. 

Our Clients of Malta Warehouse are able to make an order with us in one of two ways. They can use our modern online supermarket web shop. Just click here and you can start shopping by clicking on the brands you love!

Alternatively one may visit the App Store for IOS or Google Play for Android Devices and download our Dedicated Mobile Shopping App. We at Malta Warehouse are proud to be the first Online Supermarket in Malta that has developed a specific App for its clients in Malta! In doing so we have given shoppers in Malta the best kind of shopping experience possible as our clients are able to visit room by room in their own house to ensure that they purchase everything they need without forgetting anything or purchasing duplicates of products which the would have otherwise bought if they were in a supermarket and had to rely on memory whether they had the product or not. 

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To sum it all up our shoppers at Malta Warehouse are not forced to take whole big bulky boxes of a single item. Instead we opted to go for a more Supermarket feel with the amounts that people can purchase from our online supermarket. Our clients in Malta may purchase a single item or more, it's completely up to them. Moreover if our shoppers in Malta order over €50.00 then the delivery would be completely free! Should the order be under this amount then we charge a fee of €5 in order to bring you the delivery right to your door!

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