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We at Malta Warehouse deliver to offices around Malta. 


Welcome to our Office Supply page here at Malta Warehouse. We offer a vast range of consumable products to different offices all over Malta and Gozo. From Accounting firms , Architect's Bureaus all the way to Gaming companies and Monasteries. We offer our rock bottom prices to everyone! 

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There are normally two situations which occur the most frequently with regards to purchasing things and products for the office.



In a small to medium sized company, it is normally up to the boss to ensure that all the office consumables are in stock. With all the runnings on your mind, it's normally the last thing on your list. Walking into shops to purchase the toilet paper, rubbish bags , Coffee... That's where we come in to save the day! Just Click onto our website and have all the products delivered right to your office.

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Office Administrator

In medium to large offices it becomes the job of the Office Administrator to ensure that the consumable stocks are up to a safe level. God knows what would happen if all the employees would find the communal kitchen without Coffee! Mutiny! Let's lynch the Office Administrator! Other people don't understand that this is not the main job of an Office Administrator or Secretary, it's a chore! We at Malta Warehouse are here to save the day! Just click on our website every now and then and order the things you know are going to be always needed. Toilet paper, Beer for the Friday Afternoon Office Drinks, Soft Drinks or Floor Cleaner to keep the office looking spic and span, we've got it all! 

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Office Cleaner

In other situations it's up to the Office Cleaner to ensure that everything is stocked up. It seems to be the logical situation in some instances as that is the person using most of these office consumables. Cleaning a whole office is however quite a physical job so helping the office cleaning team out by having all the products delivered would really help them out. Like this no time is wasted going out to the shops and traffic to purchase all the office consumable products. Ensuring that the products are there and available for the cleaning team to use would definitely make for a happier cleaning team! 

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Our Top 6 Most Sold items to Offices in Malta

What office consumable products do we stock?

We at Malta Warehouse have it all. 

toilet paper malta warehouse 

Toilet paper is one of the most used products in Offices in Malta from our experience and it's not nice when this runs out!

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rubbish bags malta warehouseRubbish bags come second in line and we've got all the sizes. 

We offer our clients bin liners for the smaller trash cans under desks to XXL bags and also the recycling ones too!

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bleach at malta warehouseToilet Bleach because we at Malta Warehouse understand that clean toilets in offices around Malta are simply necessary! 

We sell a bunch of different brands of toilet bleach at Malta Warehouse, anything your office needs to keep these essential necessities super clean and hygiene in the office!

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glass cleaner at malta warehouse


Glass Cleaner There's always so much glass in an office!

Something you might not appreciate is the amount of glass there is in an office and how much of that needs to be constantly cleaned! After all you've got to keep things sparkly clean especially for guest and visiting customers! 

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floor cleaner at malta warehouse


Floor Detergent / Cleaner Clean floors for miles!

It's vital to keep the floors clean! A good floor cleaner will do half the work, ensuring that it will remain streaky free for longer. It's like when washing your car. Using a premium product means that polish and wax is included in the mix. This ensures that dust slides off instead of sticking to the surface. 

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Multi Purpose Triggers / Cleaner Clean Desk, Clean frame of Mind...

The truth is that we spend alot of our life behind this desk and it's super important to know that quality products are being used to clean and disinfect your workspace on a daily basis. We stock a multitude of these disinfectant triggers at Malta Warehouse.



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Aside from all these items, we also offer products such as Coffee, Energy Drinks , Soft Drinks, Dish Washing Liquid, Kitchen Roll  and any other consumable item. Should there be anything that you would also require from us, tell us in the comments section upon checking out with your order. Tell us how much you use of this on average on a monthly basis as we will ensure that we will stock it in time for your next online order with us at Malta Warehouse, Happy Shopping - Happier Saving! 

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