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Johnsons Baby Shampoo

Before the "No More Tears" Shampoo it was the Baby Talcum powder that made its first initial breakthrough as a product for the famous J&J company with regards to baby products. This happened in 1893. The brothers began in 1885 by creating the first ready to use surgical dressings. To put this into perspective, Dr.Pepper was first served to the public in 1885. That's how long ago we are talk about and if you didn't know that Dr.Pepper had been around for so long, now you know! In 1893 the talc was packaged in a box that was originally distributed to midwives and given to mothers following childbirth. The mothers liked it so much, the company started to sell it in drugstores.

Johnsons baby powder malta

The Johnson's baby powder with its particular scent like in America has become synonymous with the smell of babies. Here in Malta this is also the case, the Johnson's line of products definitely occupy the lion's share of the market, leaving crumbles to the rest of the brands such as Infacare, Cicco and Zwitsal. Click here to purchase Johnson's baby powder from our selection of baby products.

Johnsons shampoo malta


The Famous No more tears shampoo came from a breakthrough in science where a substitute to the otherwise irritant ingredients were found and replaced in the recipes of the shampoo. The common knowledge, practices and thinking is that although not as aggressive and cleansing as regular shampoo, this Johnson's shampoo is milder on the skin and thus more suitable for people with more sensitive skin, thus perfect for babies!

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