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Welcome to our New in Stock! page. Here you may see all the latest products our dedicated purchasing team have found. As you may imagine we do our best to find and import to Malta the best products and brands at the lowest possible price! We also give some information on the new products we've imported for you whenever possible. We also link the product to the page where you can find it for sale on our website.

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Wine Malta

We at Malta Warehouse have teamed up with Cassar Camilleri wine house to include the Camilleri Range of wines and Marsovin Range! This is the first step towards a wider variety of wines for our clients in Malta.

Marsovin wine maltaThe Marsovin wine house has been established since 1919, we are happy to have come to an agreement for the supply of their great wines for our clients here in Malta.

wine malta




D.O.K. Local Merlot Wine 75cl | 13% Vol

Full Bodied red wine with plenty of ripe black fruit aromas of forest berries and plums underlined by some subtle dark chocolate notes. A generous wine with ample smooth tannins on the palate and a very pleasant long finish.

D.O.K. Local Tempranillo Red Wine 75cl | 12.5% Vol


Easy Drinking , medium bodied wine with red fruit aromas of Strawberries and cherries underlined by some discrete sweet tobacco notes. Lightly tannic on the palate with a pleasent moderetly long finish. 

D.O.K. Local Tempranillo Red Wine 75cl | 12.5% Vol

A crisp wine with lime citrus flavours and distinct tropical fruit notes of mango and passion fruit. 

D.O.K. Local Chardonnay 75cl | 12% Vol

A crisp, fruity wine with aromas of green apples and a hint of peaches and apricots. Meduim bodied and smooth with pleasent lime citrus flavours and a lingering finish.


 Wines malta






Hansaplast plasters malta

New to #Maltawarehouse a range of Plasters from Hansaplast, below pictured two of the many we have to offer our clients in Malta. To have a look at our whole range of Hansaplast just click here!

Hansaplast plasters maltaplasters malta



Fairy Dishwashing Liquid 1L 

 Fairy Liquid Malta

Our Team at Maltawarehouse have been hard at work again. Beginning the year with a re-order of Fairy Dishwashing Liquid, by popular demand of customers in Malta! We now have over 6 different kinds of Fairy Dishwashing Liquid 1L within our range on our website. Click here to save the most in Malta with our Mega Online Discount Store!

Dettol Tap-Top at Maltawarehouse!

Dettol malta


Powerful cleaning without chemical residue

The Dettol Power & Pure Tap Top is a more controlled and a safer way to clean. The unique pump can be placed on benches that can simply be pushed and go where needed. The composition is designed to eliminate 99.9% of germs and cleans without leaving chemical residues.

Click here to view this great product for our clients in Malta!

Oldtimers Drop now in #malta


Old timers Drop Malta

Known in the Netherlands as the "Drop met Historie" or in English The Liquorice with history. Just click here to view the range!




We've got a whole range of Mini Fun size treats for our clients here in Malta! Including, Mars, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, Milkyway, Kit-kat and Smartees. 

Minis fun size Malta

If you want some of these treat sized chocolates to share just Click here


Candles for your Cozy winter!

Candles malta

Candles malta


From Airwick candles to tea-lights to other scented candles we've got a lovely range for your living rooms! These will definitely give  your homes that added cozy touch when it storms outside! Click here to see the range of candles we have for our clients in Malta. 



Christmas decorations

We've got some lovely Christmas Decorations new in stock here at Malta Warehouse. Check out our lovely things to decorate your homes! Click here to view.

Do you dye and/or colour your own hair?


Hair Dye Malta

We at Maltawarehouse have a range of hair colouring products that have the best price on the island! Just Click here to view our range of hair dye's and other products here in Malta!


Milka Chocolate Bars 100gr

Milka Chocolate MaltaMilka Chocolate Malta

We are very Happy to be able to offer our clients here in Malta the whole range of Milka Chocolate! If you've got a sweet tooth and also love a #bargain then you've come to the right place as we #lovebargains too! Click on our Special Offers page to get the best offer on the Milka Chocolate on the Maltese Islands. Alternatively you can always buy our Milka Chocolate here in Malta, right here on this page, click here!


Gillette Fusion Blades x4

Gillette Fusion Malta

If you're looking for Gillette Fusion Blades in Malta then look no further as we are here cheapest on the island! Have a look and click here to purchase! We've got a whole range of shaving products for our Maltese Men! Buy the best without costing an arm and a leg! 

Click here to see all the male Gillette items we offer in stock in Malta!




 Ariel Pods 3in1 Laundry Detergent

Ariel Pods MaltaAriel Detergent MaltaAriel Detergents Malta

One Malta's most popular detergents has now been transformed into PODS. To be completely accurate these are Ariel 3 in 1 PODS that we are now able to offer our clients here in Malta at the best prices possible! Click here to visit the vast range of Ariel products that we are able to offer our clients here in Malta



Oral B Vitality Electric Toothbrush


Oral B Toothbrush Malta


With our ever expanding range of dental products for our clients here in Malta we are now proud to offer this great new product! This Oral B Vitality Trizone 2D Action Technology Electric Toothbrush will definitely leave your mouth feeling fresh & Clean! Click here if you'd like to purchase these products here in Malta at the cheapest price!



 Edet Family Toilet Paper 3-ply


 Edet Toilet paper 3-ply


Our Team here at Maltawarehouse have just brought in a new toilet paper for our clients in Malta. This Edet toilet paper is 3-ply which ensures the softness that you may require! 







Ariel Powder Detergent




Ariel Detergent Powder




Boom! There you have it! Our team of buyers have secured a lovely consignment of Ariel Actilift Colour Powder 125 Washes. Click here to purchase this product!







Finish Dishwashing Tabs




Finish Dishwashing tabs




Now in stock at , your favoured place in Malta to find your best and cheapest online shopping: Finish Powerball tabs x20! Our team of Purchasing Winja's have found this great stock of dishwashing tablets for our great clients here in Malta! What makes this product unique, great and better than the rest of the dishwashing tablets sold by our competitors at this moment here in Malta you may ask? The answer is simple, our current stock of dishwashing tablets from Finish come in a Re-sealable plastic pouch! Boom! Seriously, this helps with all the damp and humidity that may otherwise get to the tablets under the sink where they are normally stored by alot of Maltese couples here in Malta. Click here to view our whole range of Finish products such as machine cleaners, odour stop, finish salt & other cleaners for your dishwasher!











Keune Hair Gel




Keune Hair Gel




Our Purchase team here at Maltawarehouse are proud to be able to offer the Maltese favourite hair Gel! Click here to visit the page of the product!







Heinz Ketchup now in stock!




Heinz now in stock!




When we Purchase stock for our clients, there's no beating around the bush...















Beer Now In Stock!
Beer now in Stock




Our team here at have been busy and are happy to present our first range of beers for our clients! Click here to visit the range of Beers we have to offer our clients in Malta!







Cillit Bang Range!








Cillit Bang new at Malta warehouse








The Cillit bang range of products have two secret ingredients, sulfamic acid and phosphoric acid. When applied to rusted iron or steel tools or surfaces this type of degreaser will turn it into a water soluble compound! Be careful however, this stuff is powerful so always test on a surface before going to town with it! They can be found for sale on our site by Clicking here!











Dylon Stain Remover Spray




Dylon Stain Remover Trigger




Although Household names such as Vanish and Omino Bianco have been around on supermarket shelves in Malta and in Maltese Laundry rooms, The British brand Dylon has been around since the mid-1940's. Beginning their life in the business of textile dyes where they definitely are and remain market leaders, They were acquisitioned by the Spotless Group in 2008 and now recently in 2015 acquired by Germany's Henkel group. 




All that being said, this Stain Remover trigger is a powerful and robust one. Available thanks to the purchasing team from our warehouse locally here in Malta, Just Click here.











Conimex Ketjap Manis




Conimex Tetjap Manis




The Conimex Ketjap Manis is a Sweet Soy sauce used to make a wide variety of Eastern and Indonesian dishes. It may be used in a variaty or ways whilst cooking. One may use it to marinate meats such as chicken or use it is Jus, soups or sauces such as Peanut Sate Sauce. Also usable in a variety of stir-fry's. Just substitute the regular Soy Sauce with this Sweet one.  




To purchase this great product from our warehouse just Click here.











Tabasco Pepper Sauce




Tabasco Pepper Sauce








We at are happy to announce that our Purchasing team have manages to procure Tabasco Sauce! This is a Hot Pepper Sauce made exclusively from tabasco peppers amongst others. It's actually considered a medium hot condiment approx: 3,500-8,000 on the Scoville Scale. To read more about the history of Tabasco Sauce Click here.




To purchase this great product from our warehouse just Click here.





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