Mystery Box at Malta Warehouse


Are you ready to unbox with us at Malta Warehouse?

We've got a mystery box that will have you all laughing! Who knows what's inside? Can you guess? It's a secret but what we can say is that it will be fun! ;) 
malta warehouse mystery boxWhat's inside?

We could tell you but then we would have to kill you. Seriously though, if we itemised the products you may get in our mystery box, then it wouldn't be a mystery, it would be a parcel or a hamper or a gift box.

Inside you may find anything from purple unicorns, random objects, really handy usable products, the odd health and beauty thingy, manicuring or grooming things and a whole lot of laughs!  

What you won't have are live animals or firearms, we are against the confinement of pets in small boxes and completely against anything that is manufactured for the sole purpose of harming others. But everything else in between is fair game! So don't say we didn't warn you! Unboxing for the first time is at your peril :)
a whole galaxy of screamers laughers


Unbox with your friends or family and have a laugh. You may also unbox our mystery box alone if you need a small laugh, no one will judge you! We will do our best to make your moment as pleasant as possible. Unbox and stream it live on social media (we dare you!), Don't forget to tag us "Malta Warehouse" so that we can also watch your reactions and laugh with (at) you too! ;) 

Click here to go to our Mystery box, or click the mystery box! 
mystery box malta warehouse


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