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2-2-2018 : January was great! Here's the stats!

Malta Warehouse is on Fire!

January was a great month for Malta Warehouse. We have outperformed our own expectations. The beginning of 2018 saw over 12k+ visit our website. Totalling to over 10K+ Users, the load has been high and we'd like to take this moment to thank our team at Incredible Web for the great support they have and continue to give us. 

Thanks to the great team of developers behind us, we can focus all our energy in getting the products people around malta (and now even Gozo) are asking for. Delivering it to them thanks to this cutting edge interface to the families all over the Maltese Islands. This month alone we've delivered to over 60 households. From Marsaxlokk to Bahrija and everywhere else in between!

supermarket online malta warehouse

Mobile App Performance:

We (Malta Warehouse) are the only company in Malta to date that operates a dedicated shopping app! There are numerous benefits to using an app when shopping. Testament to this is the 236 Users that have used it this month, January. To date we have over 1.9K+ active users that use our mobile shopping app in Malta. Whilst many people may browse on our website, people do a bulk of shopping from the App. This can be seen in the retention of over 49% returning users.  

Mobile App malta

Like we said to date we have over 1.9K+ active downloads of our app. This is visible in the screenshot below. As you may see the global retention of our mobile shopping app is a fabulous 65.7%. This means that the vast majority of people in Malta who choose to download our app, remain faithful to our great service.

Join the Malta Warehouse family, download our mobile shopping app or use the website, it's simple!

Click here to visit the App store for Iphones &  Click here to visit the Android play store to download our mobile shopping app. 

malta warehouse online shopping

Most families from 2015 till now spent on average 4:35 minutes on our mobile app. Has it ever taken you this kind of time go to the supermarket to purchase your daily needs? It takes an average person over 20 minutes to just drive to a Discount Supermarket. Malta Warehouse clients could have used our service over 4 times in the same time frame, sitting on their sofa or during a quick break at work!

Click here to visit the App store for Iphones &  Click here to visit the Android play store to download our mobile shopping app. 





15-01-2018 Update 

As from the first of 2018 till mid month January so far our stats are looking quite positive! Both for the Website and also for the dedicated mobile shopping app. 

Website Stats

Malta Warehouse supermarket


From the beginning of the year mid way through this month of January 2018, our website Malta Warehouse has logged over 3.5K+ Users. Which averages out to over 230 people every day. Also an impressive 12.5K+ pages have been viewed which is a testament to the selection that we offer here at Malta Warehouse. 

Dedicated Mobile Shopping App Stats

supermarket malta


Our Mobile shopping app shows a different structure. Here we focus more on quality over quantity. As you may see, from the beginning of the year 2018 till the 15th, we have logged 95 users on the Mobile shopping app. Whilst this number is slightly on the low side comparing to the traffic the malta warehouse website generates, you can immediately see that the stats are much nicer when considering retention. Over 45.3% being Returning users, logging impressive screen views of over 3.7K+ and an average session duration of over 7 minutes. 

A very telling statistic from this screen grab is exactly the average session duration. What we see from our back end and technology here at Malta Warehouse is a trend. People browse our website to get a grasp of what we have to offer. Then download our app to do their orders. 

Our clients who use the website Malta Warehouse, spend on average 7 minutes to do their shopping. Considering that these people didn't do the shopping on our online website / mobile app during work hours. Then our shoppers at Malta Warehouse still have the rest of the day to do anything their heart desire! No traffic or queueing at the supermarket check out! Just 7 minutes and boom! This is one of the things where pleasure and enjoyment are enhanced and proportional to the least possible amount of time spent. 

Not to mention that when you shop at Malta Warehouse you also save a boat load of money. Cash that can be better allocated to HOLIDAYS! ;)


oin the Malta Warehouse family, download our mobile shopping app or use the website, it's simple!

Click here to visit the App store for Iphones &  Click here to visit the Android play store to download our mobile shopping app. 









We at Malta Warehouse are entering 2018 with over 1.7K+ Active users on our dedicated mobile shopping app! We understand technology and know that many people don't feel like wasting time in the queue , traffic or any other uncomfortable situation from regular / traditional shopping. 

Join the Malta Warehouse family, download our mobile shopping app or use the website, it's simple!

Click here to visit the App store for Iphones &  Click here to visit the Android play store to download our mobile shopping app. 


Malta warehouse online supermarket




09/03/17: 1.3K Active users on our dedicated mobile shopping app with a 67.6% returning customer rate, we at Malta warehouse know that technology is the way forward for our shoppers here in Malta.

mobile app


Click here to visit the App store for Iphones & Click here to visit the Android play store to download our mobile shopping app. 




18/11/16: 1,094 Active users of the Mobile shopping App : Malta Warehouse. 


Mobile shopping app



As of 9/08/16 we have 958 active registered users who have downloaded Malta Warehouse's Dedicate mobile shopping app. We expect to be over the 1K+ figure in the coming days. To join all the fellow Maltese people who are downloading our mobile shopping app.

Search for "Malta Warehouse" On Google Play if you have an Android Device, or on the Iphone App store if you have an Iphone.


Mobile app Malta


Click here to download Malta's first Dedicated mobile shopping App:

Malta Warehouse App  Malta Warehouse Andriod App

 Hello & welcome to our Mobile App News page!

We at Maltawarehouse have realized that the future of shopping is online. For this reason we have been hard at work, populating this website with the products we have to offer our local clients here in Malta. We import our products directly from abroad and reduce every unnecessary overhead and pass on all the savings to you, our clients. Harnessing technology we have also realized that just a website may not be enough for today's fast paced environment. For this reason we are hard at work developing a Dedicated Shopping Mobile APP




Mobile News Malta




22-12-15 - Over 500 clients using mobile App! 

Our Dedicated mobile shopping app 





We have now launched our Dedicated Mobile Shopping App on IOS for all Apple devices for our Clients in Malta!

Malta Warehouse App

Please click the above logo to be re-directed to Malta's First Dedicated Mobile Shopping App!


Equally for All Android Devices, Click on the Android App Button of Google Play to download our App for all our clients in Malta!

Malta Warehouse Andriod App

Mobile Shopping App Malta Malta's First Dedicated Shopping App

Iphone app malta


21/10/15 - First Dedicated Mobile shopping App, Launched on Google Play! Click Here to download.

(Mobile App for Iphone has been submitted to App Store and awaiting approval).

Mobile AppMobile app

16/10/15- Final beta testing complete!

29/09/15 - Finally in the beta testing phase of both android version and IOS! We will soon be posting Malta's first dedicated mobile shopping app! Stay tuned right here for the the very latest info!

12/09/15 - We are now in the final coding stages of the dedicated mobile shopping app of We will keep you updated when we have submitted V1.0 to both the App store and Google play. The APK file for Androids will be downloadable from a link on this page as soon as our developers make it available after debugging and minor testing has been completed. We are very excited to be the first on the Local market here in Malta to launch a dedicated mobile shopping app for both Android and IOS. 





Here below you may read at what's been keeping us busy as it's kept us busy!


05/01/15 - Logo design submittal. (Rejected)logo design 1


30/03/15- Site design submittal.(Rejected)Home page initial design


17/04/15 - Logo submittal. (Rejected)

logo design 2

17/04/15 - Logo submittal. (Approved!)

Approved logo malta warehouse


10/05/15 - Mobile App Layout.

 Mobile app layoutdedicated mobile shopping appdedicated app


11/05/15 - Website layout. This is the springboard of what we have today.

Rejected layout


28/05/15 - Mobile friendly layout.

mobile friendly

29/05/15 - Note from Developers, First data import on staging environment completed.



02/06/15 - Note from Developers, Coding on website going smoothly ;)

09/06/15 - Note from Developers and Design Team,

We have done further updates on the website on the staging environment. Most changes done were to the catalogue (now known as 'shop') pages, including the product page.
Your feedback would be very helpful as the next steps would be to improve the user interaction by removing the page refreshes between navigation within the catalogue.
We have also done other UI changes, including changes to the font. If you would wish to revert, let me know; however I think it's a much cleaner look.
Remember that the above link is connected to the staging database, which includes the products you have added but not any other recent changes you may have done.

10/06/15 - Note from Developers, 

I am attaching two zipped folders to this email containing screenshots for the mobile apps on Android and IOS emulators. All the screens have been developed and designed including the Profile/Complete profile, shopping cart, checkout, special offers and contact us for both platforms. Can you please go through them and give us your feedback. 
For now, as agreed, we will keep on working on the integration of the website, as soon as the integration is complete and you are satisfied with the features and functionality available we will integrate that same functionality with the mobile apps so that both platforms (web and mobile) use the same data.
22/06/15 - Note from Developers,
The word of the day is Concatenate! 
The Excel formula is as follows:
Where A1 and A2 should be replaced by the correct cells. You can then copy the formula across all cells in that column. Then copy-paste the values of your new column into the Excel sheet under the Name and Desc_en-US_DisplayName fields.


15/07/15 - Note from Developers, Custom Intelligent predictive search function PERFECTED!

intelligent search function 

17/07/15 - Note from the Design team.

Attached a screenshot of the delivery page using 'toggle-buttons' instead of the previous radio-buttons.
Kindly confirm if this is as was expected so that we may deploy the changes to staging.


Delivery page



27/07015 - Note from Developers, Data Importation trials. Inconsistencies and data verification.


05/08/15 - Database issues and data importations.


Attaching a fresh export from the current database. Please add your products to this file and not to the file you sent us, for the following reasons:
  1. The file you sent us is not in the correct format and does not follow the guidelines we had sent in an earlier email
    1. File type is not xlsx
    2. Coulmn names are incorrect (name should be Desc_en-US_DisplayName, Description => Desc_en-US_ShortDescription, _vat_perc => Field_VATRATE etc
    3. Some items don't even have a brand
    4. Some Vat rates are in decimal places (0.05 when they should be 5)
  2. Your excel sheet does not take into consideration that you've uploaded some images for some of the products already and if you import your excel sheet, these images will be lost.
The excel sheet I'm attaching is in the correct format including all the thumbnail images for the products where available. If you'r adding more products please add them to the attached excel sheet in the same format without altering the column names or structure.
An import will usually take around 45 minutes to an hour so I would suggest that we would set it up on you computer on Saturday and run it first thing. 
Note: If you intend to add more images later on this week, we would need to run a fresh export so that the thumbnail references are included.
10/08/15 - Note from Developers, continued debugging.
17/08/15 - Live and kicking 95% uploaded , We're just polishing up...
95% coplete

10/09/15 - Note from Maltawarehouse team. Soft Official Launch of website set for date of 25-09-15, stay tuned!


25/09/15 - is launched as expected!

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