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Milka is a Chocolate created in Switzerland in 1825! Phillippe Suchard being the original Chocolatier, now owned by the international food company Mondelēz International which was formerly known as Kraft Foods, an American company. This chocolate has a very distinctive packaging, namely the Purple wrapper.  Below is one of the original Milka chocolate wrappers that used to be produced in the beginning. 

Milka chocolate malta


Milka Chocolate has been around in Malta for quite some time, we now offer a great range of the chocolates at the best prices in Malta! We've also got a range of Milka Chocolate covered biscuits on offer to our clients in Malta! 

Milka in malta

The advertising of the Milka Chocolate centres around the superior purple cows of the Swiss Alps. The advertising above depicts a purple alpine cow getting massaged as it's often said about "kobe" beef.

Milka has often come up with very appealing and smart advertising to capture potential clients. Recently Milka came up with the "missing square" advertising campaign. 

Milka chocolate missing squareMilka last square

This whole concept revolved around the idea of having 1 piece from every bar missing, i.e. "last piece". By means of a code on the wrapper one was able to send this "last piece" or Favourite piece of chocolate to anyone via post with a personalised message. Many videos were posted online and this campaign, although quite a large and complex operation went viral with much success! 

Another strong point of Milka Chocolate is also teaming up with other sweet manufacturers to infuse the two. So apart from the regular stock of flavours that most brands would offer, that is: Hazelnut, White Chocolate, Fruit and Nut etc... 

Milka chocolate maltaMilka daim malta

Milka teamed up with Oreo for example to produce the Milka Oreo chocolate bar and also with Daim to create the Milka Daim bar. 

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