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We have entered a digital age and with it so are supermarkets. Here in Malta we have a total of 6 established companies who offer their products online to their clients. We at Malta Warehouse are proud to offer the best prices to our clients in Malta. We do this because we have strong roots in the Importation industry, we find the best deals around Europe and bring them down directly from the source. In true Mega Discounter style our Online Supermarket focuses on price first then on assortment. We pride ourselves in having some great contacts with the few real Play-makers in the industry and focus on the importation of A branded goods for our clients in Malta.

Our team are constantly keeping an eye on the competition to make sure that our online supermarket is the cheapest in Malta. This is quite simple to do, when we have our #WINJA's who also submit comparisons to us via email and Facebook. Who are #WINJA's? They are our loyal customers who keep an eye out on what is available in other supermarkets and report back to us by means of snapping pictures of the products on the shelves in the supermarkets around Malta.

We have differentiated ourselves from our competition not only on the price of products but also on the technology we have integrated into our website to make the online shopping experience the best possible. We are also the only online supermarket company in Malta that has developed a dedicated mobile shopping app for both IOS & Android devices. We have realized early on through means of Analytics that over half of our potential clients who are visiting our site are doing so by means of mobile handheld devices. That is why it was crucial to us and integral to our vision to have a dedicated mobile shopping app to ensure our shoppers have the best possible experience when shopping online in Malta! 

Below are some screenshots to give proof to the example that we are the cheapest of the 6 online supermarkets in Malta. The first photo being ours showing that we are offering Gillette Blue II Shaving Blades x10 at €2.49c.

This makes us €1.55c cheaper than most of our competitors and €2.12c cheaper than the other two! These images below are actual screen shots from the websites of our competitors and the prices are accurate to the best of our knowledge and were as indicated at the time of writing and posting of this article. Should any movements in price occur, it is kindly asked to contact us so that we can make according adjustments. 


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Being an online supermarket we have also invested a lot of time in the design and client user experience for the general public in Malta. This means that we removed payment gateways in favor of the age old trusted payment upon arrival option. This means that our clients in Malta do not have to fill in very lengthy contact and payment details. All we need to know is where to find you, a description of what your place looks like (this is not a necessary field but helps our delivery team find you faster right off the bat) and your number so that we can call you with any order specific details should the need arise. Our dedicated mobile shopping app for both IOS and Android is just as intuitive. This Mobile app is advantageous for our clients because it focuses completely on the online shopping experience for our clients in Malta. Installing the mobile app pre-loads much of the data needed in order to make the online shopping experience as fluid as possible.

We have received pleasant feedback from our clients who told us that they were able to stroll from room to room in the house, mobile app in hand checking the various products they needed to keep their home in tip top order stocked up with everything they need instead of everything they thought they needed but ended up forgetting.

In the Bathroom, you are able to actually look into the cupboard to see how many Johnson's Cotton Buds are left. A peak into the drawer will tell you if your partner needs more Gillette Blue II disposable razor blades to get him through the week. That coupled with a quick shake of the can of Gillette Foam 300 ml otherwise you'll be finding him using your Gillette Satin Care with a face smelling quite too much like a Radiant Apricot! A quick look in the cabinet under the sink and you can see if you actually need to buy more toilet paper or if its full! Preferably the latter otherwise its another uncomfortable jump in the shower! From room to room easy as 1.2.3! 

We have all our products centrally stored here in Malta and vow to have your products delivered from our online supermarket in 48 hours. 


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