Laundry Fails - Fabric Softener


Laundry Fails - Fabric Softener

There are few people in Malta who love doing the Laundry. Very few, standing behind the counter at Malta Warehouse in Birkirkara gives me a unique portal into the minds of our clients. Out of all the clients we see on a daily basis, we could count the Laundry lovers on a monthly basis on one hand. To be completely honest these very rare people who love it might have a couple of screws loose too... 


This time on Laundry Fails at Malta Warehouse we take a look at Fabric Softeners and Debunk all the myths that surround them! We see online orders here at Malta Warehouse that are being delivered with six or seven bottles or lenor or Coccolino at a go and we think;

"Is there a cocktail out there with Fabric Softener in the mix?!?" , Seriously the Maltese are some Fabric Softener lovers!

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Whenever I am asked to do the clothes I close my eyes for a moment and hold my breath. Clench my bum tight and brace myself for that a big man on his jetski smashing through destroying everything in his path. As i turn read I open my eyes and see her staring at me like a complete idiot and remember that I don't live in a condo on the Miami beach front. Rather a Penthouse on the fourth floor in St.Paul's bay, my hero never comes, even though I beckon his call every time. 

To be completely honest, stuffing the washing machine and hanging them in an hours time is not the worst thing for me personally. It's the folding and hanging that comes after that slits my wrists vertically. 


We put our spotlight on the local products in Malta

Vivace vs Tesoro Mio

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Two very popular fabric softeners with our clients in Malta are Vivace and Tesoro Mio. The two pictured above in particular are of the unconcentrated variation and sell on our site for €2.21 and €2.84 respectively. Although the two have an Italian ring to them, they are actually Maltese products.

These companies have the raw concentrated ingredients imported to Malta in bulk and then bottle them here in Malta. This means that people in Malta who emigrate abroad will not find these products on the shelves at Tesco's and Sainsbury's. The main advantage of this situation is that it makes these products cheaper than their foreign counterparts such as Lenor, Fabuloso and Coccolino for example.

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Also these products are constantly being developed upon. The local maltese companies focus themselves completely on the local market and keep tinkering on their secret formula to ensure satisfaction. The Tesoro Mio Factory for example recently ventured out with a new concentrated line of Fabric Softener "Ammorbidente". With this Super concentrated version the Tesoro Mio Team went out and jacked up the perfume in their mixture. Noting that a lot of their clients (and the Maltese population in general) kept requesting for a Softener with a stronger scent.

Which is exactly what they delivered! A few people call it dizzying the amount of perfume, but we like it! 

Why name them with an Italian Name? This is a little bit of Maltese History, but it stems upon the innate feeling we Maltese once had that all foreign products are superior to the Maltese ones. These companies for that reason put on a Foreign Cameo to give themselves the utmost chance to be grabbed next to the other foreign counterparts enabling them (in their minds) a leveller playing field. Nowadays we think that the situation is changing. The tide where all foreign is more expensive therefore better is slowly fading. We hope that these companies will one day embrace our Maltese Identity! - Just like Twistees have done ;)

Bottom Line

Vivace and Tesoro Mio have nothing wrong with them in a modern world where we wear and wash our clothes after a single use. Would I use them for the clothes of my New born babies? No. Do they give the softest results on our clothes? No. But if you need to wash the sheets, curtains and other general things that you are not super attached to, they would definitely do the trick.
Many Maltese families swear by them, they are definitely not going to ruin any clothes that's for sure. 

We at Malta Warehouse would rate these two (and other local Fabric Softeners) a Solid 6.5 / 10.

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