Laundry? As easy as 1-2-3!!


A household chore that visibly gets the better of you every time you slack a little. The Laundry basket keeps piling up and the big heap of clothes quickly turn into a never ending nightmare! Luckily we are here to help, a little organisation goes a long way. We hope to provide our customers here in Malta with a few Tips & Tricks in the Laundry room to help beat that Laundry Basket Monster! 

The first good tip would be to organise your dirty clothes. Instead of one big pile, try set three washing baskets. One for the whites, one for the coloureds and one for the delicates. This helps on two fronts, first of all if you thin you do not have the space for three washing baskets, think again! By organising the baskets you will actually be using the same space as previously if not less! Use the current laundry basket for the coloured washing clothes as these will be the most that you wash. Then a medium sized one for the Whites, this is taking into account the bed linens, should these be coloured then you can afford to go even smaller. Lastly the smallest basin or linen basket for the delicates. The most important task is to teach the little ones how to separate their clothes, by including some sort of game or reward those rugrats would definitely comply. This separation of the wash first of all helps by giving much better oversight at what needs to be washed more imminently than others. Should the other half complain that their underwear are running low, then hey presto! One load of delicates and the problem has been solved! A lot of time is wasted whenever the separation has to be done after rather than before. It's also easier to teach the other half how to do the laundry when its broken down into simple steps. To ensure no colour running from mistaken separation or rouge clothes, always use a colour catcher in your washing. Alternatively you can also hang up a chart in what is and is not allowed in each laundry basket. That's tip number 1 for laundry as easy as 1-2-3!

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Caught pants down without any Colour catchers and the darned mischievous clothing piece you had your doubts in ran its colour into all the other clothes? Then quick, remove this naughty piece of clothing and wash all the clothes again. This is not a fool proof method but it has been known to help, you'd try anything for that favourite piece of clothing surely! Especially if it cost an arm and a leg! 

Like we've mentioned before, being organised is of up-most important to keep on top of things. Sometimes you may fall into the trap of washing all your laundry too fast and in one go, load after load, after load. What happens then is a laundry monster of clean clothes instead of Dirty ones! Once again this poses problems, this time the largest fear is the wrinkled clothes if they are in-between a large heap. Sometimes a t-shirt, shirt or pair of pants may be slightly wrinkled and you have absolutely no appetite for breaking out the ironing board and Iron. A quick tip if someone's had a long steamy bath or shower? put the clothing on a hanger and leave it for a moment in the steamy bathroom, this will remove the worst of the wrinkles! This is a solution but one to be used in emergencies as its not practical to have your whole wardrobe hung up in your bathroom! Solution? Resit the urge and only begin another load after the initial on has been neatly folded and in put away!

Micro-tasking instead of Multi-tasking is the way to manage the 21st century home. Unless your washing machine has visited an episode of Futurama, Meet the Jetsons or in the very least been in an episode of Star-trek chances are that its not fitted out with the latest IOT (Internet Of Things) meaning it is not yet Smart Enabled. Should this have been the case you would have an APP on your phone right next to our Dedicated mobile shopping App where you'd be able to set the temperature, type of wash etc... Our technology less Hack is quite simple, throw the load in the wash, together with the pre-described dosage of uppers and downers (detergent and softener). Then when you get home from work just close the lid and switch the Clothes Monster on! After you've had a small chance to sit down, unwind and have a cup, the load would be ready for you to hang. By Micro-tasking you actually end up doing more housework and feel less stressed, because you've managed all your jobs into small finite tasks which are easily dealt with one at a time over a length of time instead of all at one go. 

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Do the pesky socks in the laundry always end up getting eaten by the Washing Machine Monster? Or do the pairs always get lost in the mountain heap? A quick and easy solution, find yourself an old pillow cover. Yep, that's right you can imagine the rest, simply put all the socks in the old pillow cover before throwing them in the wash. (You can even add a little extra detergent and/or stain remover in there) Like this once the load is done, all the naughty socks will still be next to their matching partners when you get them out and hang them!




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