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Malta Warehouse Launched Same day Delivery! 


Malta Warehouse is an online supermarket with a physical presence in B'Kara (click here to visit our shop). We realised that maltese modern families lack one common thing - Time!

After all our fine tuning we realised that the cherry on the cake for many people and families around Malta would be the Same Day Delivery option. For this reason, by default we will be delivering all our orders on the same day as ordered. (provided that the order is received and deliverable within regular business hours). In other words Monday to Friday from 8:00am - 20:00pm.


same day delivery malta warehouse


So what's changing exactly?

From a user experience on our website and dedicated mobile shopping app - Nothing! That's the beauty of it, we have not sacrificed any user experience for our clients who regularly shop from our online supermarket.

same day delivery groceries 

What we do is call up every client as soon as the order comes in. With you on the line we will figure out the best time to come and deliver. If today is cleaning day and you realised you forgot to buy the floor cleaning liquid, no problem! Order with us online, continue cleaning the windows at home or the laundry and we will pop by in time for the job. 

online supermarket delivering on the same day

No need to go out in the heat and traffic! We will do all that for you - Please be patient with our delivery men and offering a nice cold glass of water would surely go down like a charm!

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