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Winter has arrived in Malta and Gozo and with it our lips begin to crack. cheilitis as it's medically known happens more often in cold dry weather. Interestingly, people commonly think that licking your lips in these conditions keeps them moist, however an enzyme in the saliva may also irritate the lips, and the evaporation of the water in saliva saps moisture from them.

Labello Malta

Labello was created by Dr. Oscar Troplowitz in 1909 and is a full subsidiary of the Nivea Mother company Beiersdorf AG. The Labello Classic which we all know and love was launched in 1973 and till today remains unchanged.

The original product was a stick wrapped in paper and had to be applied with your fingers. Shortly after a new sliding case was made of tin.

Labello MaltaLabello Stick Malta

Both World Wars shaped the stick into how we know it today as it was shortages in material that eventually made the change from Tin, to aluminum and then plastic respectively. The twist mechanism popular with not only Labello but most lipsticks on the market today was introduced in 1963. 

Nowadays Labello have a whole range of products and we are very happy to offer our clients here in Malta this great lip care product. 

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Labello Malta


The Labello Classic Care is good for both males and females. This is a unisex lip care product. Within our range here at Maltawarehouse, we've also got summer lip care sticks with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) to reduce the effects of the harmful sun's rays. 

Labello Malta





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