Malta Warehouse January 2018 , #BUSY


January 2018 has been a busy month for Malta Warehouse and we are now gearing up for February. We at Malta Warehouse offer an online platform for people to purchase their daily needs at a mega discounted price. Think of us as the Ryan_air of Detergent shops in Malta. 
supermarket malta With over 60 deliveries under our belt this Month we are looking to increase this figure in February! Families around Malta (and now recently also Gozo) are realizing the convenience of shopping online for your Toiletries, Household items, Detergents and other Daily Goods. Where as there are number of platforms around, none of them can beat our website because we are the CHEAPEST!
online shopping maltaThe website is extremely simple to use, just click on the "Shop" button indicated in orange. 
Once you press this button you will be taken to our shop. The items here are arranged in a Newest, first fashion. This makes browsing our latest products dead simple. Click on the items you would like us to bring to you then simply check out. 
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At the Check out, you will be able to confirm the things you wanted to buy one final time, just to make sure. Then all you do is give us your name & contact details. There is no online payments, it's simply cash on delivery so no need to look for your visa or credit cards.
Once we pack your order we will call you to see when it would be best to pop over to deliver.



If you live in Gozo, we reccomend you join our facebook group dedicated to the great Gozo community we have. Over there we will keep you up to date with our next crossing. Click here to join the Gozo community page. 

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