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Technology is very often the catalyst of Modern family life. Supermarkets for example are a product of that technology and through it modern housewives have been able to save more time having to do less and less lengthy chores. Before the modern washing machine and tumble dryer we had a host of simpler machines such as the twin-tub or before that the age old washing board.  

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It would take a housewife all day to do the laundry in the past, nowadays we are seeing modern washing machines that are hooked up to wifi, the Internet of Things (IoT's) are seeing to reduce the time and effort for housewives even further. This by means of making modern household appliances smarter. Thermostats that regulate temperatures and a host of sensors and mobile apps that monitor our day to day life. In modern rural history, families had swaths of land where they could grow crops and after harvest time conserve them to be used over the winter. Modern city life brought about the idea of general stores which brought in turn the grocer, the mini market after that, the supermarket, the hypermarket and ultimately the 21st Century has seen the initiation of the Online Supermarket! 


We at Malta Warehouse speak to a returning customer of ours and ask her how she found out about our service and her feelings about online shopping and online supermarkets around Malta.

First of All, How did you discover our Website

I was on a social media account (Facebook) when I saw a comparison photo which was tagged "#WINJA" Although I had no idea what it meant at the time, my eyes were drawn to the two pictures side by side and the difference in price was quite large. I don't remember what product it was now but it opened my eyes and inside me a little "Winja" was unknowingly born.

Had you ever used online shopping in the past?

Yes definitely, my daughter had introduced me to the concept of online shopping. I've used platforms such as Boohoo and other clothes shops in particular. I work a full time job so I don't have the time to go out and shop leisurely, plus whenever I've made the effort in the past my size has always been a factor of disappointment. I'm comfortable in my skin don't get me wrong but I'm let's just say slightly more curvy than magazine cover girls!

Did you know we have a mobile App?

Ofcourse! The first two times I ordered was from your website. I didn't want to download something on my phone if I wasn't going to use it much. However I discovered on my third order that I can use your App as a sort of shopping list! Whenever something finishes at home or whenever something pops into my mind, I just add it to my shopping cart. Then whenever I have a moment free at work or in the evening I just top up the order with other things I need and send it off to you guys!

You said a little "Winja" was born inside you, care to elaborate?

Prior to shopping from Malta Warehouse I knew that different establishments offered slightly different prices, however it never really registered in my mind how much price gap there was between supermarkets and you guys. In my mind I thought that every large Supermarket sold things approximately at the same price. I love my brands and infact it was a brand that I know and love that drew my attention to the post on facebook. I could clearly see that there was a considerable price difference in what I would have paid should I have walked in and unknowingly grabbed the item. I'm not your typical Bargain hunter, as I won't drive to the edge of the Island to save a few cents. However if just by ordering from you I also save then I'm all the happier! Plus now that I'm aware of prices, yes I do snap a shot and send it in to you guy when I feel it's far too expensive! 


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Any criticism you may want to offer us?

I am quite a fan of what you guys are doing! I would love to start seeing fresh Vegetables for example! Your delivery man was also very informative, he went through the whole order with me to make sure everything was satisfactory. I can understand that you are still a startup so I'm sure that products are going to keep coming.

Overall are you a satisfied customer?

Yes I sure am, I will continue to be a Winja whenever I can and promote your online supermarket with my friends and family!


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