Insomniac Rewards @ Malta Warehouse


Are you the type of person who finds it hard to switch off at night? We understand as a few of us here at Malta Warehouse are the same. Just staring zombie like at facebook scrolling for days or Instagram videos of everyones fabulous life doesn't cut it some days. Tiredness won't enter when you are still wired.  Malta Supermarket

Malta Warehouse to the rescue!

Our Website is 24/7, are you in bed, or on the sofa having a drink (not quite ready for bed) then just click here scroll through our stuff and order. 

  • Our website is extremely simple to use:
  • Add any product you wish to purchase to the cart. 
  • Proceed to check out
  • Insert your delivery details
  • Done!

We will call you on the number you provided when we are finished packing your shopping and confirm the easiest delivery time with you. It's cash on delivery so no need to whip out your Visa or Mastercard - Simples! 

Just like that another chore for the next day, #DONE! 

Maybe, just maybe your brain had a chance to unwind enough for the sandman to claim you. 

Click here to visit our online shop!

Oh yeah and by the way, anyone who orders between 1:00am and 3:00am will receive a complementary Head & Shoulders Shampoo 200ml because even insomniacs deserve to wash their hair for free every now and then! #WINNERS , #NORESTFORTHEWICKED
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