Product placement & how it makes it onto our shelf at Malta Warehouse


The aim of the game here at Malta Warehouse is to place our products on our shelves as sharp as possible. For this reason we shed as much unnecessary overheads as possible. Giving us the advantage of being the only supermarket in Malta known to be a lean mean fighting machine. To say that we wage war against all other supermarkets, grocers and detergent shops is a little exaggerated. We do however go through a very rigorous procedure before we place any item on our Website , Mobile Shopping App or on the shelf in our Supermarket.

When importing products we keep a very watchful eye on the movements and trends of the market. Just to give you an example, we plan to purchase our Nivea Sun Tan Lotion in winter before anyone has any idea to be buying these products. Like this we beat the crowd and our competitors and enter the market with our advantage. 

Case Study - Nivea Roll on

Nivea roll ons malta

We at Malta Warehouse check out our prices out with the top companies in Malta to ensure we place our products at the most competitive price in Malta. Right here you can see the product prices our competitors have in Malta. 

Nivea malta warehouseNivea rollons malta warehouse

Malta warehouse niveamalta warehouse nivea roll on

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