How we Operate our website Malta Warehouse


Hello and first of all welcome to our website: Maltawarehouse.



Malta Warehouse is an Online Supermarket. Just choose the products you need from our "Shop" button highlighted in Orange. Payment upon delivery, cash or Cheque. Simple!



So you clicked onto our website, Malta Warehouse & now you want to know a little more about us? Sure, read on!

Who Are We: 

We are an Online Supermarket with the best prices in Malta for your essential shopping.

What you Will Find on our site: 

Laundry Detergents , Fabric Softeners , Deodorants , Sanitary Towels , Shampoos , Hair Gels , Hair Colour & Hair Dyes , Toothpastes , Toothbrushes , Snacks , Herbs , Spices , Body Lotions , Energy Drinks , Pet Food, Seasonal Giftware.

How do I shop on your site: 

Just click on the Orange button on the homepage of our website. The products displayed are arranged with the newest products in our catalogue on top, you may scroll through our complete catalogue of products like this. You may also use the search bar to type in the products you are looking for. 

Is there a Delivery Fee?:

When purchasing products try to make your bill go over €50 like this your delivery will definitely be FREE! If your order is under that amount we charge a small fee of €5 to deliver your items.

 Can I come pick them up myself: 

Sure! We are located in Triq Tumas Fenech, right opposite the Local Council. So if you would like us to prepare your order.


How do I pay you?: 

It's cash on delivery, Simple! So there's no credit cards or difficult online payments etc... When our delivery team arrive with your goods, you will be presented with the bill that you have already received via email.

Can I pay by Card?:

Currently you cannot pay by card, just cash or cheque.

Who do we make out the cheque to?:

Cheques should be made out to "Malta Warehouse"

How are you cheaper than your competitors?: 

We purchase all our goods directly from abroad. After this we warehouse them here in Malta and deliver them straight to your door. In other words we cut out any overhead that might inflate the prices of the products, this means that the brands that you love remain cheap! Most of the time when people here in Malta think of saving, they immediately start to think that they must forgo the products they love to use and purchase cheaper B-Branded goods in order to stretch their Euros. With us at Maltawarehouse this is not needed. Our clients are able to keep buying the products they love AND save at the SAME time!

Do you have a Mobile App?: 

Most definitely we do. We are infact the first local company in Malta to operate their website with a dedicated mobile shopping app!

Where can I download your Mobile App? 

Just click on our mobile app page and you will be directed to the mobile apps for your respective devices. We offer our apps for both IOS and ANDROID. What's more they are both absolutely FREE! Just click here to visit the mobile App Page.

Why use a Mobile App? 

We created a mobile app for our clients because it makes sense when using your phone to navigate through our site. Even though our website is completely mobile responsive, the Mobile APP is dedicated to you ensuring the best shopping experience.


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