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The Mediterranean cuisine is deemed to be one of the most highly esteemed kitchens in the world. People all over the world visit Sicilian and/or other Mediterranean restaurants to taste the richness and pure bliss of our sea food delicacies. Our pasta dishes constructed with the finest fresh Mediterranean sun raised vegetables or delicious pizza just to name a few. Whilst every grocer offers common herbs and spices, we are proud to source a range of herbs & spices to support other cuisines our clients would love to cook. Without these essential ingredients meals lack the zest of an otherwise greatly prepared meal! 

Kofte herb mix

One of the interesting products we have to offer is the köfte herb mix. Whilst most people believe that a köfte is simply a lamb kebab, a köfte can also be formed in small balls too. Also although the most popular is lamb mince, one may use veal, beef, mutton or a mix of all. The mix its self is constructed out of carefully mixing different amounts of more than 12 different herbs and spices. To purchase this product just click here. Or click here to view the full range of herbs and spices that we have to offer. 

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are also in our wide range of alternative spices and herbs. Juniper is popular in many European countries like Germany, Italy and France. These countries use this berry to marinade wild game. Juniper namely somewhat neutralizes the strong taste of wild game meats. The easiest way of introducing it would be by mashing the berries in a mortar, added to a marinade or glaze one would get a pleasant sweetness. They may also be added to broths, soup or in salads. The British use the berries to glaze their hams whilst the Scandinavians us juniper berries in the preparation of gravad lax and in a marinade with sour herring. Thanks to its powerful, aromatic juniper taste is also an integral part in many concoctions in infused alcoholic drinks. One may also easily create their own signature juniper oil. Mix in some whole berries and cloves with a good olive oil and leave to steep. After a few weeks you will have made your very own delicious aromatic oil which could be used for frying, marinating or sprinkling upon a salad. To purchase some of these great berries just  click here.

couscous spice mix

We also stock a Couscous spice mix. Couscous is a North African dish made with coarsely ground durum wheat, a dish traditionally eaten with the fingers. Couscous can be cooked but preferably steamed, usually together with vegetables. Our Couscous spice mix is great to be used in conjunction with the plain durum wheat to give it a  very traditional, flavorful and aromatic meal. To purchase this product just click here.


Curry spices are easy to purchase in a supermarket. However when trying to create a real authentic Indian meal, you find yourself wondering why it doesn't have that kick you taste whenever you go to the restaurant. Although you've followed that recipe religiously the mistake may have originated because you haven't chosen the right curry powder for your meal. Whilst most establishments offer a range of curry powders. They are actually offering you a lot of the same product packaged by different producers. Nearly all packaging companies offer you what is technically known in the spice markets of the Gran Bazaar as English curry powder. At most a few other spice packaging companies may include in their range a Hot Curry. We at maltawarehouse.com take our Curries seriously. This is why we offer more than anyone else, Curry powder which is specifically mixed for your Masala or one which is for your Madras. Not to mention the regular English Curry and the Hot Curry. Click here to view the full range of herbs and spices that we have to offer. 

Shawarma Spice Mix is used in a dish of meat such as lamb, chicken beef which is grilled on a vertical grill. This originates from Levantine Arab countries. Shawarma meat is usually eaten in pita bread with salad and garlic sauce. The Shawarma Spice Mix that we offer our clients is often used to marinate any type of meat before it is cooked. The spice mix may be used as a dry rub or included in a liquid marinade together with olive oil for example.

Similarly we also offer a Gyro Spice Mix which is literally the Greek alternative. The delicate mix of herbs and spices are not exactly the same and a Gyro may also use Pork, apart from other the other meats such as Beef, Chicken, Veal or Mutton. This is also served in a sort of pita together with Haloumi, Feta and Tzatziki sauce. The Gyro Spice Mix includes among others a delicate mix of: Salt, Hot & Sweet Paprika, Black & White pepper, dried parsley, garlic powder, oregano, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, anise, coriander, fennel, and sumac.  To purchase this product just click here.  

Lastly We also offer the Turkish version which is known as Döner Kebab Mix. This mix of spices is also great to be used as a marinade on your meats before popping them in the oven, on the barbecue or when trying to make an authentic Turkish dish. To purchase this product just click here.

Sambal is the Indonesian and Malaysian name for a condiment and ingredient, traditionally consists of crushed chilies, Indonesia it's cabe or called Lombok. Here at maltawarehouse.com we are able to offer our clients a it's dried red chile, fire-roasted and actually not ground into powder, but coarsely crushed into flakes. Since there is more chile flakes and not as much seeds, the flavour is very pronounced apart from the heat. To purchase this product just click here.

Pili pili is also called piri piri, peri peri or called African bird's eye chilli. Here at maltawarehouse.com we offer this particularly spicy chilli for our clients, just click here to purchase this product.  






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