Gozo Deliveries with Malta Warehouse


Who is Malta Warehouse?

We are an online Supermarket offering discounted prices on products. So far we have only delivered to people around Malta but we now decided that we are going to start in Gozo. We offer Discounted prices on Branded toiletries, Detergents and other household products! 

It's really simple to order online with us. Just shop, add things to your cart and checkout. There's no visas involved, it's cash on delivery so just give us your address and you will see us on the delivery date! 

To start your order just click here!

How will this be done?

Very simple! we will be coming up to Gozo once a month so anyone can place an order with us, specify that they live in Gozo and we will reply by providing the nearest date that we will be distributing. 

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Keep in touch with us on Facebook

We have a specific closed facebook group for our Gozitan friends. Just click here and become a member. Stay up to date with us right here on anything Malta Warehouse , Gozo related. Tell us if you are looking for anything in particular, also add your Gozo friends to the group. The more the merrier! should we have enough orders we could look into coming up to deliver more frequently. 

Just click here and become a member of our Malta Warehouse Gozo Facebook Group! 

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