Going to the Mattresses...


We sleep on our mattresses every night! We clean our sheets periodically, but when's the last time you cleaned your mattress?

Again it's simply a manor of having the right tools and knowledge to get it done which might also result in a bonus at work, how? Well having a fresh and clean mattress may well be the thing that helps you get that little bit better rest at night. Which in turn would make you that little bit more refreshed the next day. This then would make you that little bit more sharp and likable around your colleagues. Your likability is sponged by the whole office making each one of them more pleasant to each other too. Pleasant colleagues makes bosses happy. Happy bosses give bonuses! So clean your mattresses!

A very good trick and something which many hotels do around the world is called the "term mattress cycle". Basically this is more apt to the long livery of the mattress. Every three months the mattress should be turned one way or an other. Every three months your head should be on a different edge of the mattress. Many mattresses also have a summer and a winter side too. This is basically the finishing material on the top side. In winter the finish would be slightly more fluffy to give a cozier effect, whereas in summer more ventilation would be wanted.

The first order of business in order to get that bonus we mentioned earlier would be Vacuuming. This would rid you of  all those crumbs and dead cells you are inadvertently collecting under your sheets. Once this is done, some stains may become apparent. You need not worry, even though some may look like urine stains, the most common stain on mattresses is dried sweat, sometimes also dried blood. The latter is a harder stain to get rid of. We suggest using an eye makeup remover to spot treat the stains. Remember let the make up remover soak for  ten minutes before you try to remove. Also a dabbing motion would be recommended rather than a scrubbing one.

Wetting your mattress is something not advised when trying to clean your mattress, so a kind of dry cleaning job is what needs to be done. After spot cleaning the stains on the mattress, sprinkle a powder detergent over the surface and leave it for an hour. This extracts any odors and humidity from inside the mattress. After this bring the vacuum cleaner again and attach the at the end the tool used to clean carpets with. This has a bristle like a broom. Alternatively use a broom if you have no vacuum cleaner.

Mattress beating

A mattress protector is also a very worthwhile investment. This would act as the first line of defense from any forthcoming stains, like a glass of spilled red wine. These mattress top covers are also machine washable this in-turn increases the life of your current mattress.

Lastly if possible, taking your mattress out side to air/beat it is another sure way to get yourself and your colleagues  a bonus from your boss!



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