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Gillette products in Malta  


There are some misconceptions in Maltese mentality that the biggest Multi National chains established in Malta. We don't want to say that we are the cheapest in Malta. Instead however we would like to point out a few products and let the Maltese public decide for themselves. 


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Above you can see Gillette Blue II blades. At a very established foreign Franchised supermarket in Malta with over 8 outlets you can see that the Gillette Blades were priced at the time of taking the photo €3.99c. We at Malta Warehouse have a permanent low price on this item of €2.49c. This was taken at the same time of the photograph was taken by one of our dedicated Winja's and will remain to be this permanently low price for the foreseeable future. 

Gillette in malta

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If you want to Gillette , then we suggest you Gillette at the right place, Gillette? Here's another establishment that has 2 other supermarkets around Malta. So if you want to save €0.55c on something so simple as your favourite Gillette Shaving blades every time then Malta Warehouse is the place in Malta for you! 

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