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Welcome to Malta Warehouse Food Recipes! 

We would like to take this moment to thank all the contributors of this initiative. Do you have a recipe you'd like to submit? Click here to learn the guidelines. Our aim is to provide a space for dishes prepared by locals and other people living in our beautiful Malta & Gozo. A source of inspiration and knowledge for everyone that may want to cook with some mediterranean flavour!

Our aim is to achieve a nice mix of dishes, cooked and prepared entirely by locals or people living right here. No generic meals, dishes with strange ingredients uncommon to Malta. Dishes described with Parsley and not Cilantro! ;) 

Pasta Dishes at Malt Warehouse

We all love our pasta here in Malta!

If you don't then this recipe blog might not be for you ;) There are infinite possibilities and combinations to try. All the possibilities and yet cooking everyday causes the inevitable mental block, the last thing you should be doing in life is repeating the same five dishes over and over just because you lack that little inspiration!

Maltese Rabbit Ragu at malta warehouse

Maltese Rabbit Ragu prepared by chef Andrea Busuttil. Click here to find out how it's made! 

seafood malta warehouse

Surrounded by sea, let's do it sustainably ;)

Many times we want to make a lampuki pie but forgot the exact mechanics behind it. Browse through this section before you walk into your local fish shop, it might just make you purchase something other than the Salmon which you always wind up buying when your partner says; "I think I feel like Fish tonight".

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vegetarian at malta warehouse

Malta has so much local produce, here are our Vegetarian options.

Don't be scared of these options! Eating Vegetarian or Vegan doesn't automatically make you a member of the tribe (unless you so wish). Substituting Pasta / Seafood / Meat a couple of times a week will help you reach the state of culinary Nirvana - A healthy balanced diet.

So go ahead and try it! 

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 beef malta warehouse

Although not entirely native to our cuisine, modern refrigeration brought with it the advent of beef dishes to Malta.

Nobody can deny a person a hearty meat dish upon occasion. In order not to screw up the meal you have been looking forward to, skim through these options to pick up a trick or two and pull off the best possible meal for you and your family! 

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