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When talking about sex and during sex related conversation, your mind may drift off to your sexual fantasies. Your partner or people you haven't been able to literally get under the belt or get the t-shirt. During these arousing conversations, your mind may wander along some strange things. For it to land on Durex Condoms, Durex Lube or Durex Vibrators wouldn't be so strange as they are infact sex related objects. However, when thinking about sex would you think of Scholl? Ok, unless you've got a foot fetish like I discovered about a close friend of mine recently, the "normal" mind would never really think of Scholl! The brand that makes footwear related products, so it would be quite crazy when I tell you that both Durex and Scholl came out of the same factory initially! In actual fact the company first began with the feet then proceeded to the.... well you know, "third leg". It's actually quite strange that they haven't progressed to arms and hands as that what seems like this company's strategy! Ok stop joking, in 1915 they actually also produced surgical latex gloves!

Since 2010 Durex Condoms and the whole brand has been consumed by Rekkitt Benckiser. Who just like Henkel, Unilever and PG for example now own most of the consumer brands in the world that are found in our Supermarkets, Grocers and Detergent Shops around Malta. 

We at Malta Warehouse offer our clients a large selection of Durex Condoms which may be added to their shopping and delivered straight to the door! Thus avoiding having to go separately to the pharmacy and paying the premium hefty price from the pharmacist. We do advise however to stock up as it our delivery may take 48 hours from placing the order and we are pretty sure your partner won't hang around naked for that long...

Durex malta


We've got A couple of different durex products to offer our clients in Malta. First and foremost the Durex Condom. We've got a range of large "family" packets with x12 in a box. Click here to view the range of Durex condoms for our clients in Malta. 

Durex Malta

Apart from that we've got the handy quickie size of Durex condoms, with x3 in a box. Perfect for those promiscuous 1 night stands that want to be over without any trace evidence! Click here to view the range of Durex condoms three packs for our clients in Malta.

Durex Lube

We've also got a range of Lubes for our clients in Malta. Although these are another article for another day, it's good to simply note that Lube is a great way to mix it up a little in the bedroom. If other toys may be too progressive for your partners, this would make a great intermediate step to warm them up and maybe open their horizons! Click here to view the range of Durex lubes for our clients in Malta.

Durex Vibrator

For those slightly more adventurous couples, we've got a curated range of sensible little toys for some more fun between the sheets! These are also a great intermediate step towards opening the doors of your sexual horizons together. Without committing yourselves to larger dedicated shops with tonnes of specialist equipment a daunting task in its own right, we offer a few Durex branded vibrators and the like for that extra spark in the room where the magic happens! Click here to view our curated range of Durex vibrators etc! 



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