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Sea Watch is an NGO that has set up its operational base here with us in Malta. 

From their Website:
"Since the year 2000 more than 23.000 people died trying to reach Europe’s shores. After the end of the Mare Nostrum operation in the Mediterranean Sea three business partners from Germany decided to found the nonprofit NGO Sea-Watch e.V. We are acting politically, economically and religiously independently."

Click here to read more from their website.

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We at Malta Warehouse got talking with Mr.Claus, ever searching how to get more bang for his buck, here at our shop. After understanding their situation we thought about doing our bit to help. 

Do you want to donate to Sea Watch?

We at Malta Warehouse can ensure that your donations go straight into the boat, ground zero. 

The Organization sail with a crew of 30 people for 3 weeks, in search of and with the purpose of saving lives. Ferrying them to a safe haven port. These dedicated volunteers could use anything you choose to give them. The satisfaction of receiving a donated box of goodies tells them that you appreciate the perilousness, the humanitarianism of their efforts, the selfless act of helping other humans. 

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What can you donate?

Our Website is full of goodies. The crew will make use of anything you send them. Should you wish to donate things to help the actual migrants that they save, then bottled water would be the best. 

How can I donate?

When ordering from the website, you may write to the crew in the comments section. We will transcribe this and make sure the crew receive your personal message. 

It is important to to write that the order is a Donation in the Comments Section. We do not have a payment platform installed yet in our website, we will send you via email the payment details in order to finalise your donation. 

You may send as much and as little as your heart desires. Should your donation be under €50, we will not charge our usual €5 delivery fee as we will simply group the goods with other donations. 


Start your donation run? Click here or the Sea-Watch Ship!

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