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Over here we will attempt to review the great Craft beers that are available to us here in Malta. Did you taste a great brew recently? Send us a couple of snaps and jot down your experience and we will include it here! Honestly is the best policy, whilst we ask to be honest, it would be respectful to be constructive is some way or another. We allow multiple reviews of the same beer, so don't worry if someone else already wrote about the one you are drinking and intending on writing about. After all your thoughts might differ from the person who reviewed!

Don't forget to give it an overall rating: 0/5 being "Undrinkable" and 5/5 being "Godlike". 

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Experience is not a must, just a taste for bitter and a gut to match!

The Original Gangster : Cisk LagerCisk malta

So yeah let's not start pointing fingers, I believe that the first post / review should be reserved for the one and only: "CISK LAGER"

Taken from their own site:

The original Cisk Lager Beer is a golden-coloured, bottom-fermented lager with a distinctive and well-balanced character. Its rich hop aroma and pleasant bitterness has made it the natural choice and thirst quencher for beer drinkers who want to savour the original brew which has remained faithful to its recipe of 1929.

Recipient of a number of international awards since its launch in 1929, Cisk Lager Beer is popular any time of the year and consumed across the Maltese Islands, holding a strong presence at Malta’s traditional social band clubs, known as ”kazini”. On a hot summer day, it is best enjoyed chilled by the sea with friends. Just add a barbecue banquet or a selection of fresh shellfish and Cisk will be the perfect companion.


I'm a fan of our Premium Lager: Cisk. Let's get that out there, I've tasted a bunch of lagers that I should be reserved for wino's as mouthwash, spat out after being gurgled and forgotten about. Since this review is not about shaming other people's product we will just leave it at that. 

A little history of the brewery taken from the wikipedia page:

Established in 1928, Farsons was the first brewery to be established on the island, in the town of Hamrun, near the capital city Valletta. The brewery's first beer was Farsons Pale Ale, brewed to meet the preferences of the British garrison and navy stationed in Malta at the time. In 1929, Farsons merged with the H.G Simonds brewery from Reading to establish Simonds Farsons Ltd.

In the same year and a short distance from the Farsons brewery, the Marquis John Scicluna, whose family had established the first privately owned local bank, opened the Malta Export Brewery. While Simonds Farsons Ltd had been granted the licence to brew ales, the Malta Export Brewery was granted a temporary exclusive licence to brew Bavarian-style lagers under the names Cisk Pilsner and Cisk Munchener.

Following twenty years of rivalry, the Malta Export Brewery merged with Simonds Farsons Ltd in 1948 to form the company Simonds Farsons Cisk Ltd which soon after diversified its product portfolio and interests.

The Cisk Lager flavour is distinctive and truly thirst quenching under the mediterranean hot sun. My thoughts on the lingering flavors of the beer would be described as Orange rind and rust. Rather on the bitter side but still remaining in the neutral area, making it very easily appreciated by any beer drinker. It's not an acquired taste, rather one for the masses.

Even though it's not a small operation, by local standards one of the strongest most established businesses in Malta however on an international level our proud Lager sits on a low pedestal next to monstrous giants. This is understandable when you consider the costs that are stacked against a brewery that is whacked bang in the middle of the Mediterranean with no natural resources to speak of. All materials must be expensively shipped over from elsewhere before brewing may begin. 

In short whilst national pride would give our Cisk Lager a full 5/5, a sober and realistic mind would rate it at a very positive 3/5.

Written by Pablo from Salumeria.


Craft beer malta

N.O.M.A.D : "Easy As" IPA

 Craft Beer MaltaCraft Beer Malta

Taken from their own site:

N.O.M.A.D's story:
A long time ago in a country far, far away (well, Italy) a love affair blossomed. It was a relationship between Global Top 100 brewer, Leonardo Di Vincenzo and Kerrie & Johnny Latta, a husband and wife team from the Northern Beaches, owners of Australia’s largest craft beer distributors, Experience IT beverages.

After endless travel, negotiation and plenty of beers, the guys managed to persuade Brooks Carretta, Leonardo’s brewing protege at Birra Del Borgo to pull up stumps and make the journey down under to Brookvale. He had two conditions: To never be restricted by fashions and trends and to use Australia’s amazing native ingredients.

Almost two years on we Nomads continue to be restless creatures, driven by discovery of new tastes, beer knowledge, experiences and the people that make craft beer great. But no matter where we roam, the best journey is always the one home.

We are Nomad. Never Settle.

I had some pretty high expectations since this Craft beer came all the way from Australia. Judging the book by its cover; really cool illustrated, something you'd like to have in your fridge boasting the little "Son of Anarchy" inside you. Yeah I crank it up! (or whatever Motorcycle rebels say!). Sweet black cap as I jimmied it open with a spoon ( couldn't find the bottle opener), Stone cold... Wow! yeah you can definitely taste that its an IPA alright, but nothing "Easy As" comes to my mind, rather "Mouthful of" IPA would be better described. So yeah, false advertising! Whenever I read "Easy" my mind thinks subtle, however this is surely not. Maybe downunder they understand things opposite to us on this side of the world. Either that or they've got a very VERY sarcastic twist almost sadistic mind to their creations. Some connoisseurs may argue that an IPA is supposed to be very Hoppy in flavour, and I would not fight it. However a quick google search also confirms the bike in the illustration to be an "Easy Rider" of sorts. That being said the flavour was not at all unpleasant. I am not a pro and still very early into my journey of tasting and writing about Craft beers so I would not kid you about the tasting accents as I am still trying to decipher them. I believe they develop slowly and are not instantly acquired. 

Overall it was a pleasant experience so to the NOMAD "EASY AS" IPA I give it a comfortable 2.7/5.

Written by Pablo from Salumeria.


 craft beer malta


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