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Cleaning Hacks - Dirty Kitchen Sponge


It's a Dirty world the Maltese Kitchen and we all do our best to keep it super clean. Here at Malta Warehouse we do research and find out tips and tricks to help keep the most important room in Maltese Households shining bright!

Today's edition the Dirty Kitchen Sponge. It is always a wise choice to change your kitchen sponges every few weeks. There are many foodborne illnesses that lurk in the depths of these foam cleaning devices. This article is not meant to scare maltese families away from these soft multi coloured rectangles but actually how to keep yourself and those around you that little bit safer. 

Reducing incidence of foodborne illness by just 10% in Malta would mean that we would have more than 50,000 healthier people around Malta and Gozo. This would have a positive effect on all aspects of Maltese quality of life. From the Economy, to easing off pressure on our Local Healthcare system. It would be childish to think that the kitchen dishwashing sponge is the cause of this! 


Kitchen is the worst place for Germs.


By washing hands with soap often whilst preparing food before cooking is a very good practise, Independent Public Health Organisations site that it's not enough. In reports it was mentioned that after checking various items in a regular home they concluded that the kitchen sponge was one of the germiest items in the house. It was concluded that the kitchen sponge harboured 150 times more bacteria, mold and yeast than your average toothbrush holder. If you haven't cleaned your toothbrush cup in a while, have a look inside and you will know exactly what we mean. 

Sponges provide a damp nurturing environment for fecal bacteria that stem from raw meat which fester. Wiping your counter tops may make it look sparkly clean but it doesn't mean you have a clean kitchen. Wiping frequently may actually spread bacteria all over the kitchen! Students who live together and rarely ever wipe the counter may have a "cleaner" kitchen! #crazybuttrue.

Hand contact surfaces account for 90% of contamination. In other words, using "dirty" Kitchen towels , cloths and sponges. cross contamination occurs not just in current meals prepared but also meals made later on. Whilst cutting raw chicken for example, then wiping your hands in a kitchen towel. This action might not create an immediate result but the bacteria may be on the towel waiting for you to prepare a meal which is not necessarily cooked. A salad in this case could see the bacteria of the raw chicken prepared earlier. Since the salad is not cooked on a flame "sterilizing" the food and making it safer for consumption.

Microwave Sponges to Kill Germs

It's not practical to change your kitchen sponges everyday so we at Malta Warehouse set out to find a method for cleaning kitchen sponges that get in contact with food and other germs. It turns out that the Microwave is the best and simplest option according to researchers.  

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Scientists have reported that by microwaving your wet sponges for 2 minutes at high power makes miracles. The reports were concluded that this method killed or inactivated over 99% of disease pathogens , viruses protozoan parasites and other bacterial spores. Great right?


But Watch out!

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We at Malta Warehouse want to ensure that you remain safe in your kitchen in Malta. Make sure that anything you place in a microwave does not contain any metal! Steel scouring sponges or others such as the Brillo steel wads are not apt for this method of cleaning. Putting a Metal sponge in your kitchen microwave for 2 minutes at high temperature will make a fire and burn your house down. Don't Do it! ;)

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